San d'Orian news: Dangerous monster in La Theine!?

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San d'Orian news: Dangerous monster in La Theine!?

Post by DarkValkyr on Sat Oct 04, 2008 12:03 pm

A day ago, two travellers returned to San d'Oria. They were injured and bled heavily. They bore marks of several different kinds of injuries, from claw marks, to burns. They were one of the lucky survivors to the beast that has been said to be stalking La Theine to Batallia for any passerby; bodies were often found mangled and crippled. They had said their troupe had lost their two other members during their travel to the beast, after inflicting several wounds on the lightning fast monster. They described it as 'very small, very agile, covered in blood, and behaves like a tiger, roaring, growling and stalking'. The creature has killed approximately 18 people thus far, and the number is feared to grow. A bill has been posted for the successful hunt of this monster, and a gil reward has been offered to ensure the safety of traders and travellers alike.

More information on page 9.

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