Meriting in MMM - Let's give it a shot!~

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Meriting in MMM - Let's give it a shot!~

Post by DarkValkyr on Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:31 am

Quoted from FFXIclopedia, which quotes from JP button:

Aciel wrote:In addition to the massive interview with the developers, the good people of the Lightning Brigade posted a little bit about their experiences with Moblin Maze Mongers. One of the things they tested was how to max out the exp you get at the end of a run. In one run, they managed to get nearly 10k just from the box. 10k times 6 runs and you have the makings of a quick way to get your merits without having to compete with people over camps.

Here is how they maxed out their exp:

1) A special combinations of runes: 010, 018, 017, 014, 003, 108, and 102. They say 108 helps increase the exp you get from the box at the end of a run. The particular monsters used also help increase the exp per run.

2) Include a COR in the party

3) Using an exp bonus ring. For the exp shown in the picture, they were using an Anniversary Ring. Combining the exp from the box and the monsters in the run, they could get around 12000 exp total. Using an Empress Band could get you around 10k total.


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