Alt: Tarutaru Times - Parliament Announces Plans for Mhauran Independance

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Alt: Tarutaru Times - Parliament Announces Plans for Mhauran Independance

Post by Mhuirnin on Thu May 08, 2008 11:10 pm

Tarutaru Times
Lightningday, May 8th

In a surprise move, The Parliament of Patriarchs announced plans to grant Mhauran independence today. As many wonder where such a sudden decision came from, others wonder what it could mean for Windurst. The statement, released this morning, cites meetings with community leaders in Mhaura as impetus for the resolution, stating "concerns over the levels of official presence, policing, and shipping inspections" due to Windurst's stretched-thin wartime resources. It goes on to say that by working out a long-term plan to "empower a self-governing Mhaura, we hope to allow them to create a secure environment with a more satisfactory standard of living."

Aurastery minister Koru-Moru commented "It just seemed like the right gosh-darn-diddly thing at the right-a-reeno time." Minister Koru-Moru was unable to divulge details of the agreement however, saying preliminary talks with representatives from Mhaura are expected to take place soon.

"We’ve given the matter plenty-wenty of consideration and think this is the best for all party-hearties involved. We’re looking forward to relations with Mhaura as a trading partner and equal," added Optistery minister Tosuka-Porika. Other ministers were not available for comment.

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