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Post by DarkValkyr on Thu Sep 11, 2008 8:05 am

He wanted to go.

Truly, he wanted to go. Death struck fear in him every step of the way.

He could see it now. Surrounded by all sides. He wish he could just jump to his friends and run away with them.

But he can't. Not now.

It didn't matter what they say. Either world was to die. So what? This world is as real as the other.

The big shows he displayed. The way he acted cunningly and stabbed his friends in the back. The arguments he had with Sphinx. It had to be done.

They might have their goal of going back, whatever it may be. But everyone he loved was alive here. And he can't just leave. Not when the threat of the Shadow Lord still loomed.

With his life he would give to see that he's defeated.

But wait, he thought. What's the point? "I die. Even if he's defeated, this world's going to be gone. It's futile either way."

Then he remembered. The words of people he spoke to. He had a duty here. He had to do it. No matter what.

"What if I do beat him and live? They'll go after me." he thought to himself. No way in the world he could take them.

But what did it matter. Your duty is your duty. Drink it and gulp it down, they say.


It hurt to do it. He would only end up fighting the ones he loved too. But he was born in this world. Even if he also lived in the other.


Why follow it if it's futile? Because people are depending on him. If he can go after seeing them smile and pray him luck, it was worth it.


Stubborn and arrogant he would have to stay. All his life his choices were made by other people. They say no. He obeys. They forbid, he doesn't do.

This time, he would stay. Stay with his beliefs. His father. His mother. His sister, Yufa. The other ministers. His creations. His friends. His life...torn in half.

Torn in half it was. But why? Was it duty? Or the same arrogance he had?

One last service to the world, he told them. Would he even REACH the person he aimed to kill? Someone was already going to kill him if he tried. It was pointless. She can't see through the thought of same goal and working together. But why?

Whatever the reason, he wished he could have made up before this.

Eyeing the one homunculus he has ever made, he gazes at that one slot. The one slot where that card would go, and it was the end. Everything was set up. His alchemist friend was ready. To transfer the soul into a body that can withstand much more. Both his souls. Would it work? Would he fail and crumble? Would the soul go berserk? What did it matter. When he's gone, his friends will be happy they can go back, right?

That one card. A trick of fate. One slipped into his hand by someone, unseen. His other soul brightened with glee when he touched it. He had full trust in the soul by now -- they were close. He felt the bond. He prayed that this won't harm it any so as to not bother their current tranquility. Then the questions roared back.

Would he go berserk? The same answer. What did it matter, he will be slain like any other beast, then his friends can also go. Duty failed, duty succeeded, what did it matter.

His duty is his duty, and he will not waver. This was his one shot. He will do whatever it takes to achieve it. No matter how futile. It was all for them. No matter how futile. His duty is his duty.

His duty is his duty.

OOC: Decided to try some more poetic approach in practice for literature. It's no poem, but it's style is based on a book I've read.

Did you know repetition shows emphasis? And in some cases, uncertainity too.

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