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Post by Sphinx on Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:51 pm

Full name: Iria Katrina Stover.
Age: 34.
Race: Hume.
Born: In the republic of Bastok at the eve of the Great War, to a military family.
Military experience: Active in the Republican army until she was promoted into Centurion rank at a relatively early age. Drawn into Iron Musketeers where she made it to the rank of senior musketeer.
Political experience: Firm activist for the rights of republic soldiers for eight years, acting senator of the republic for a year and a half.
Political stand: Leans toward progression, with a respectful eye toward tradition.
Personal history: Born into a wealthy family, Iria's parents Heinrich Stover and Anna Kiel both possessed a military rank. Heinrich Stover was a Praefectus in the republican army, and Anna Kiel was one of Bastok's gold musketeers. Following their marriage, Anna requested a transfer to the Republican military so she could serve in the cohor that her husband lead. Both later became victims of the Great War, in a vicious Quadav attack that fell over Grauberg.
Iria was devastated by their deaths, having been raised to value both the republic military and her parents beyond all else. She spent the rest of her youth raised by good friends - until she was old enough to apply for the military herself. Despite a lack of natural talent, Iria's stubborn to give the military all she had in memory of her parents earned her an outstanding reputation in both military school as well as life. She pushed her way in record time to the rank of a Centurion, which earned her a station amongst the nation's Iron Musketeers.
After her marriage to Decurion Gabriel Rowley and the birth of their daughter Heidi Stover, Iria retired from the Iron musketeers to raise her child. Only a year later, the death of her husband drew Iria's focus toward military affairs again.
Despite having little desire for political status, her thirst for justice and love for the military fast led her to take part in the field of politics. With President Sha'arhe's bombing of Beadeaux, Iria's voice was one of the loudest raised in support of the action, speaking how many soldier's lives were spared. She started organizing support from the soldiers to speak up for their own rights, with a respectful eye toward tradition but at the same time making people realize that clinging to tradition promotes stagnation. The Quadav were changing, the world was changing, and by refusing to change the nation would be left behind. This movement fast snowballed, as all the families and friends who had known her or her parents joined Iria's voice, and before she even fully realized what was going on people were speaking of her senator status. Yet with little thirst for actual political muscle, the possibility of actually being in a position to make change tempted Stover, and it didn't take long at all for her to run for a position in the senate.
After her new position in the senate, Iria Stover's taken to more actively looking after her growing daughter. She still keeps an eye on the news, and in touch with all her old republic army friends - which makes her a favorite to the military of Bastok.
Nature: Typically pleasing to be around, senator Stover rarely initiates a political discussion where one isn't called for. She has a firm belief in the abilities of the Bastok government as well as her military, but only allows either to show if provoked to it. Not too quick to temper, but firm enough in her beliefs to not be easily swayed - with or without reason.
Rumors: The scandal hungry press finds little fodder from senator Stover. She's an open person who often appears in public, so very little of her is material actually newsworthy - especially compared to other public figures of the republic. Only notable rumors floating about of senator Stover concern the legimacy of her daughter, and the bloody vendetta she seems to possess against the Quadav.

Noticed I made it a little longer than I wanted, but oh well. Suppose that's a habit of mine.

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