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Post by Raku-Kun on Sat Sep 27, 2008 2:57 am

"Errrrrahh!" Raku's howl echoed through the cannon wall as he thrusted his blade forth, bringing it back for an upward slice that started from the ground. But as the tip of the blade reached its climax, he found himself stumbling forward. He managed to catch his balance, and brought one foot in front of him which caught his fall. A sigh of relief pushed passed his lips as he rose up his blade again. Holding it the way he seen Ayvaen wield his.

"Ok. I've gotten Enpi down. Hobaku, and Goten down. Just need to learn Kagero." He took in a deep breath, exhaled slowly before cycling through the different attacks the blade offered him, range of motion, and balance. It was awkward when he first started, since doing hand to hand only required you to stay on your feet. Now, with a great katana in his hands, he had to learn how to keep his balance while just holding the blade, attacking, and finally; evading without putting too much strain on himself.

Sheathing the blade, he sat down up against the cannon wall, while placing his blade next to him on the ground. In his opinion, he thought that he was making good progress, but he felt that he missed something. He shrugged it off while looking to the sky. Night was about to take over, and that meant more monstrous beasts would be out and about. He sighed dejectedly, and got back up to his feet; with his blade in hand. He only needed to learn one more skill, and he could move up the ladder. And maybe, with the abilities he learned from his training, he could wield bigger weapons, and possibly gain a bit more respect.


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