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Post by DarkValkyr on Sun Sep 28, 2008 9:13 am

So what's the problem? he thought in his sleep. He just wanted him back so he doesn't have to be stuck like this. Not to mention, he hated going about on two feet. It was disgraceful. It reminded of the same people that took away the lush greenery from his ancestors too. To think, act and behave like one was terrible. He felt he should spit it out every time he thought about it. They're twolegs. No one understands. Only Valkyr does. That's because he's not like them. He's kind of my other half. That counts for something at least. But the others. They'll NEVER understand.

Well, what am I to do? It's simple. Just...bear with it and find him. Then it'll be over. I'll find him soon. He then tossed and turned in bed. The feeling was ridiculous. He got off the bed and curled on the wooden floor instead. It felt better, although the weird shape of the miniature twoleg body made it not as comforting as it would be when he was just formless, or better yet, when he was on his four paws.

How long it's been? He can't tell. He lacked the words to describe to them what happened. He didn't kill me. They did - with those large, steel things - stabbed him, then he felt his life being drained. It couldn't have been him. How could they blame him?

He shrugged those thoughts out of his head and shuffled about again. He doesn't remember what happened after that exactly, but he does recall pain. Lots of it. He was in nothing then, but it hurt. Then, after some unknown time, he felt that he had limbs and a heart, but he couldn't move them. Someone was stopping him from moving. Someone was controlling him. He fought back again and again. He grew tired because he struggled to no avail. Something approached in the nothingness. He was hungry. He ran at it and mauled and devoured it. It felt good. Yet, he felt a strange tinge. Not long later, he craved more. The 'something's kept coming, so he kept eating. When there was nothing to eat, he was frighteningly hungry, hungrier than when he was back in the forests, despite how much he ate. He desired more. If whoever that was keeping him locked up wouldn't give him any, he'd gladly fight and break free. He almost felt he could move the arms and legs. Yet, he halted since a voice reached him, coming from nowhere. In the pitch black, a voice, comforting calmed him down. The hunger faded away.

He had no idea how long it went like that. Pretty soon, however, the voices would come more often. He enjoyed the company; it seemed with each visit, he'd never go hungry. He was happy. Soon, he began to understand the voice. He felt full of sheer joy. He had someone to confide to as well as he understood him. He began seeing the world through his eyes as well. Sharing stories, seeing the sights, feeling emotions from both him and himself. It felt like he there was no difference between them. He didn't mind losing whatever he had. He found something great. It felt like bliss.

And like that, it was gone, leaving one confused tiger.

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