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Post by DarkValkyr on Sat Oct 04, 2008 11:21 am

The feeling of having someone understand is a strong thing.
It often makes a difference between one's life or death.
For a certain Tiger, it was all that mattered.
Life begun as joy. It declined. It occured that it was about to fall down to nothing. Something sparked then.
Life had begun again. Why so?
Because someone had understood.

It has happened again just now. Light of life rekindled, like a mother would lick its cub to keep it warm upon birth.
Because he was simply just that, deep down. A simple cub. A Tiger one day, lost in another. For it to be one once more, does it not have to be a cub once more?
Howsoever bitter is the truth, there's always one person who could always understand.
For a certain Tiger, whose life had fallen into a ravine, he could not go left nor right, could only go down.
Yet, another path was there, up, should another come to understand.
Who is that person who could understand?
Why only that person understood where countless others have failed?
No one can understand what had happened to him in his life, he said.
But only one person can. Gaze at a mirror, the answer was there.

For a certain Tiger, it had taken a different form. The form of a jewel, plain and simple.
Crimson in colour, it was.
Inside bore someone special. But why?
That person was special. But why?
One can wonder why for the rest of eternity, but for a certain Tiger, only he and he alone will understand.
It didn't matter that they were two different people.
An unexplainable force gathered them. Whether biological, spiritual, mental, physical, chemical, it simply cannot be explained, this time, even for both people.
When they were one, it was simply just that: They were one.
Howsoever bitter is the truth, there was only one person who could understand.
Gaze at a mirror, the answer was there.

In the soul, through the eye, through the mirror, one could see it all.
Tiny fragments, set together, bit by bit by everyone; fragments fragmented, fragments perfected.
The largest piece, the only thing to keep it all together and complete, came from that one person.
Understanding who that person was, it was as simple as looking at that mirror.
As simple as facing that person, smiling.
That's who that person was. Molded by every force around him. Bound together by only him and only himself.
Having understood that, it was simple.

Leaving behind, one joyful Tiger.

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