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Post by Raku-Kun on Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:04 am

It was a normal day in Jugner. The sky was clear of any clouds, with a breeze gently blowing through the treetops. Birds chirping their songs, and in some parts of the forest you could hear the river flowing. Rakuyu was casually strolling along, listening to the sounds to relax his nerves. The small scuffle in La' Theine wasn't something that happened everyday. But at least the Taru was contained. In all of his days of his life, he never thought he would see a Taru acting like a tiger, and casting the sort of magic the Immortals knew.

'That's just it though. The body belongs to Valkyr, and he IS an immortal.' It was clear to him, but the fact that it happened still slightly shocked him. But now he had an objective ahead of him, and fortunately that objective would land him in Jeuno. 'And I get to see Sphinx again.' A smile came across his lips as that Mithra entered his thoughts. Something about her made him feel comfortable, and that was almost an impossible feat with him. Shrugging it away, he focused his attention more onto the road. He passed the outpost, and was about to come across the fork in the road. One that he always took the wrong turn and ended up in Spore Hollow. The last time he was there, it took him half a day to find his way out. He didn't want to be in that situation again.

Coming up to the fork, Raku stopped and looked around. At the time he felt a strange presence, and with that presence came a uncomfortable feeling in his gut. He listened closely, then asked himself when the birds stopped chirping. Everything went quiet, and it made that feeling multiply. Focusing his chakras together, he closed his eye and listened to everything around him. Asides from the gentle breeze, everything was dead silent. When...


Raku felt himself pitch forward as a pain erupted in his gut. His eye shooting open just to see a large man grinning down at him. "Heheh. Miss me boy?" The man threw a right hook, landing it on Raku's jaw and sending him flying into a nearby tree. The trunk almost shattering upon impact, and Raku falling face down in the dirt. 'Ow...' Slowly getting up to his feet, Raku wrapped his arm around his belly as pain shot through his entire gut. His vision was going blurry as he focused on the large man whom was walking towards him. A chuckle coming from him as he reached out for Raku with his right hand, and clenching a fist in his left. "Ye left a pretty good dent in my face boy. It's time I returned the favor."

Raku gasped in shock; his vision returning to normal and a surge of anger suddenly swelled up within him. But the anger slowly faded away, being replaced by a strange determination. "So you lived. And I see you've...improved." The man stood six foot tall even, and his entire form must have been half the size of a small Galka. He was big, and apparently fast if he came up on Raku with such little time. The man sneered as he grabbed up Raku by his neck, bringing him close to his face with his left fist shaking furiously. "Ye should of did more than just land a few punches to me face boy. I know I raised ye better than that." He came down with his fist hard, connecting it to Rakus face. A grunt of pain merely pushed passed his lips, but Raku kept quiet. Only a grin painting itself across his now bloodied up face.

"And I know that I taught you this little lesson more than once." Raku grabbed the mans wrist and pushed his thumb as hard as he could into a pressure point just located a few inches below the palm. The man froze and eased his grip enough on Raku so he could slip out. He retaliated against the man with a few harsh uppercuts to the mans gut. The man keeled over forward, and Raku threw a right hook as hard as he could. The punch landing a direct hit on the mans jaw that sent out a sickening crack sound from the bone displacing itself from its original position. He still had a hold on the mans wrist, and kept pressing his thumb down even harder to keep the man down on his knees. "By now I'd hope you would remember this." Raku said as he threw several straight punches with his right, connecting each one directly in the center of the mans face. Each hit slowly distorting the mans face into a heaps of blood, spit, and snot. When suddenly, the man reached up and caught Rakus right hand, and then sliding it to his wrist. 'Awh shit....'

The man squeezed hard on Raku's wrist, and it wasn't long before he found himself on his own knees. But he kept his hold on the wrist he had in his left hand, and the two were at a stale mate. Each one wincing in pain from being squeezed, and retaliating by trying to squeeze harder. When finally the man spoke out. "All right boy.-grunt- Looks to me we're both stuck, so on the count of three, we both let go and start over aye?" Raku grunted, and forced back a smile while trying to nod. The man slowly counted, and on three Raku jumped up and pushed his feet into the mans face, causing both to release their grip on each other and to separate. The man, now on his back from the kick, cursed loudly as he got up while Raku quickly scrambled up to his feet. Bot were staring each other down, each sliding into their own stance of fighting. But Raku brought two fingers to his right ear, holding his linkpearl in place.

"I don't know if anyone can hear me, but if someone can, please...come find me in Jugner, near Spore Hallow." And with that, Raku nodded towards the man, and completely put himself in his offensive stance. "All right Damien."


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