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Alt: Njarra Tiahlee

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Alt:  Njarra Tiahlee Empty Alt: Njarra Tiahlee

Post by Sphinx on Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:04 pm

Full Name: Njarra Tiahlee
Age: 30
Born: In the Federation of Windurst to a mercenary captain of the Cougar volunteers.
Military Experience: Acted as a mercenary from a young age. Acted in charge of a company of mercenaries for several years.
Current Position: Mercenary Major of the Tigress' Claws Mercenaries.
Personal history: Extensive studying has kept Njarra Tiahlee out of the public eye for most her youth. The war in her childhood as well as some ill auguries involved with her birth led into a childhood of solitude, and the only real friend of Njarra Tiahlee's was a mithra two and a half years younger than her, who later grew to become her second-in-command.
At the age of ten she relocated to train on the Elshimo Islands, only to return five years later and ever continue to study. The training that followed leaned heavily again in magic, but this time she studied as part of the mercenary company her mother owned. Young Njarra had a thirst for magical learning rivalled by few Tarutaru, and she wasn't willing to focus on details of either Black or White magic, rather seeking the rudiments behind both.
A rough decade later, attempted assassination forced Njarra Tiahlee's mother step down from the leadership of the company she started, and her title was passed on to Njarra. Some type of test took place for her to ascend, that only fellow mercenaries from her company were allowed to witness, with the exception of Mercenary Majors Romaa Mihgo and Perih Vashai who seemed strangely interested in her success.
Whatever trial there was, Njarra Tiahlee won through it, and became the next leader of the Tigress' Claws mercenary company. Immediate changes followed, as she relocated the company headquarters into Mhaura and changed the rules of gaining rank - along with some other, much more minute details.
A rough three months after the company settled in Mhaura, Njarra Tiahlee departed on a ferry to handle business abroad. Six months she stayed gone, with nobody knowing better than that she was off to meet a friend of her mothers, somewhere. After her return she took back the mantle of leadership, and on that seat she continues to this day.
Public opinion: Njarra Tiahlee has asserted herself as a brutally honest, slightly arrogant and rather profit-thirsty a leader. Her moodswings have as great a notoriety as herself however, and she's known to be the picture of temperance one second and a raging berserker the other - with little event to call for it. This is why many Windurstian give her a wide berth when walking - this and the amount of ill-reputed mercenaries often trailing behind her.
Rumors: Many rumors go about of the exact reason why the Mercenary Major chose to take her company to Mhaura. Some say it was in an attempt to undermine Windurstian economy in the future to further enrich her own coffers. Some say she was given an ultimatum to leave the city or face incarceration, and further some whisper the Sin Hunters hound her and she is now desperately trying to shelter herself behind her company.
Some rumor about the ill tidings in her birth, but sadly few recollect as to what, exactly. These rumors range from her birth heralding anything from the destruction of Windurst Walls, to the sealing of the Shadow Lord.
Other popular rumors paint the Mercenary Major trying to build a criminal organization, or in league with the Yagudo Theomilitary. Some say she is one of the leaders of Tenshodo, or an extremist member of the Trackers.
Many also question the strange attention she has received from the two Mercenary Majors ever since her return to the Federation, but only speculation can be heard of this. Nobody who'd know has been known to say anything.
True to the Tarutaru habit of gossip, there's a plethora of rumors going about in Windurst, and sure enough a small share involve Njarra Tiahlee.

This is the draft I found saved on my computer, and I seem to think it's pretty close to what I originally posted.

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