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Psylight Wynstead

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Psylight Wynstead Empty Psylight Wynstead

Post by Psylight on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:15 am

I realise I've not grabbed a pearl for the new shell, but it's just a matter of finding a sackholder who's on at the same time I am. ^_^

Full Name: Psylight Elizabeth Dawn Wynstead
Formerly: Xille Elizabeth Dawn Wynstead
Nicknames: "Psy"
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Bastok Mines
Hometown: Bastok Markets

Physical Description:
Psylight stands tall and properly with a flawless posture, even though she's shorter on average than most Hume's her age. A slim, athletic body, but deceptively strong. She keeps exceptionally well-groomed, her blonde hair is kept forever in a pony-tail, as she finds loose hair an annoyance. Rarely slouches in any way, but has been known to slump exhausted to the ground on occasion when she's tired. Tends to dress in black armour when adventuring, and sports light-coloured tunics and exposed thighs when dressing casually. Either way, an ominous black Scythe is forever lashed to her back.

Xille was born the only child of a wealthy Bastokan goldsmith, whose charitable donations to Bastok's war funds excused him from the heat of battle. Spoiled with riches and freedom that only aristocracy can bestow, she grew up beligerant and egocentric. She would constantly disobey her parents from a young age, causing trouble and embrassment for them and expecting them to clean up the messes she made. Despite the personality flaws, she was ingrained with social graces befitting of someone in her social circles, and expertly schooled.

Trained as a passtime in the art of fencing from the age of twelve, she built quick reflexes and versatility in the heat of battle. When she was thirteen, the "sport" became too inane for her, and she sought out stronger weaponary. A chance encounter with the famous Dark Knight, Zeid, led her to be impassioned in his art of destruction and obliviation. Taking up the heavy burdens of a Scythe and a Great Sword, and immersing herself in the study of absorbing spells and black magic, she trained as often and as hard as she could, despite her parents' insistent demands for her to abandon the path.

During this time, her caustic personality flared to an intolerable level. Her father, Dazid, formed a financial arrangement with the known magical scientist, Jinn, agreeing to fund his research on a secretive personality-manipulating spell in return for Jinn agreeing to perform the spell on Xille. Against her will, Jinn did as he promised, and Xille's memory and personality were altered so dramatically that she became an entirely new person, a courteous, well-spoken friendly young girl. In celebration of this change, her parents gave her a new name, "Psylight". It was believed that removing her from familiar aspects of her previous personality would significantly decrease the chances of a catastrophic recollection. Psylight became a model daughter for many years under Jinn's watchful eye.

Problems arose around her nineteenth year when an emotionally charged experience called some of her previous personality's attributes back to the forefront. After several years, Psylight had begun to grow resistant to the spell cast upon her, and despite Jinn's best efforts he could not properly set the spell back in place. Several weeks of her flipping between the good-natured Psylight and the decidedly antisocial Xille led her friend Ayvaen to helping her discover the truth about her situation. When Jinn's dealings became known to her, the spell was resisted entirely, and for the first time since she was a young girl Psylight returned fully to her former personality. Destroying all of Jinn's experiments and notations regarding the spell, Psylight vowed to herself to severely punish the responsible parties. Framing her parents for fraud and extortion, they were arrested and sent to Bostaneux Oubliette, and Psylight was quick to step up to take the reigns of Wynstead Industries, the most prominent goldsmithing company in the continent of Quon.

At age twenty, her incarcerated parents were found messily slaughtered in their cell in Bostaneux Oubliette. Rumours surrounding the brutal murder claimed that Psylight herself was involved in their demise, but due to her financial and social influence, noone ever challenged her about it. Psylight denounced Zeid's teachings as unstable and narrow-minded, and refused to be affiliated with him from that point on, calling him a coward, and weak-of-soul.

Currently, Psylight wanders Vana'diel as a Dark Knight in search of excitement and curiosity. Her family's vast wealth ensures she'll never have to work for anyone to get by, so when she does involve herself in a task, she will only stay inolved for as long as she sees fit. While she only calls herself an adventurer, it has been noted by many people throughout Vana'diel, that her presence accompanies ill fortune, and in some cases, corpses.

Drinking "Gluggnix' Rocky Chocobo" Moonshine, training for battle, shopping, Goldsmithing, and causing mischief.

The one clear rule when confronted by Psylight is that she is a veritable mine-field. One wrong word, look, move or opinion and she will react, often violently and antisocially. She has no time for people she considers stupid, weak, or a waste of time. She's hostile, short-tempered, aggressive, and is prone to bursts of violence that would astound even hardened soldiers.

She sees the world in measurements of how much she would personally gain. She won't do anything unless it's beneficial to her, and convincing her to go against her own will is a lesson in futility. She is somewhat infamous for her infidelity, and because of her relaxed attitude to sex, relationships, and alcohol consumption, rumours do spread about her, often blown out of proportion, and she will only take time to deny allegations of serious offense to her. She holds no regards for tradition, patriotism or religion, but makes her judgements as she sees them. She feels this gives her superiority to anyone who is a follower of these loosely-based ideals.

Despite all her serious misgivings, there are times when she can be genuinely sweet. The very few actual friends she has know that she is capable of compassion and care. She is honest, often to a fault, and does not deal in empty threats. She can be fun, uplifting and inspiring, but these traits are kept very close to her. She would rather be seen as a complete bitch than a soft-hearted, playful young woman. And it is always best to approach her with this in mind, because she is very handy with a Scythe and a sword, and has absolutely no mind for hesitation. If she wants something, she will take it. Pray you are not in her way when she does.

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