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Jenice Vol. I

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Jenice Vol. I Empty Jenice Vol. I

Post by Jenice on Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:36 pm

I've had this completed for a year or so, I just neglected to actually post it.

0. Foreword – 2008.02.13
I’ve had more than two years to do this, and I’ve had a lot of help on the way. I’ve also wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of opportunities both by action and inaction. In writing this, I hope to have a solid base to work from and build on, as well as something for other people to work with so that Jenice has more distinction than just the weird pantsless lady. I realize that no amount of documentation is a substitute for good, solid RP, and I look forward to doing more of it.

I may have gotten some details about the worldsetting gloriously wrong, so I gladly welcome any suggestions for improvement both in the content and in the structure of the document proper.

1. Character Abstract
Jenice Uzuki is a 27 year old Hume Female of Bastokan nationality, and former Iron Musketeer. She believes strongly in herself, her friends, her principles, and her mission. She is loyal to the end. She focuses on the tasks at hand, yet also takes time to relax and have fun.

2. Topical Overview

2.1 Family
Jenice is an only child that comes from a family with a strong military tradition. Her mother is a former ranger named Irina, her father a Musketeer by the name of Constantin. Irina and Constantin met in the service, and are still in uniform even though they are both in teaching posts and not deployed to any outpost. Jenice’s parents didn’t push her into service, but encouraged her to find her own path and calling.

Jenice has a good relationship with her parents but she isn’t in daily contact with them. From their service in the Allied Forces of Altana, Irina and Constantin met and came to respect a variety of non-Bastokan allies. They maintained contact after the war, and frequently had their former comrades as guests.

2.2 Motivation
One of Jenice's biggest motivations is being capable and having what a situation requires of her. She wants to be the best, not in pointless competition, but the best she can be in her own estimation. If she isn't capable of understanding or doing something, she'll learn whatever she needs to in order to succeed. The unknown and unusual don't frighten Jenice; she greets new things with both curiosity and confidence. This used to get Jenice into trouble all the time when she was younger; she was easily dared into things that were unwise or downright dangerous. Jenice believes in doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do, money and fame aren’t the reasons she’ll be part of an effort.

2.3 Humor
Jenice has a sense of humor that might be considered sadistic, since she's fond of sneaking up on people and she enjoys pulling pranks. However, she hates puns, word games, and riddles. Jenice is fond of people with a quick wit, and enjoys a friendly verbal sparring match.

2.4 Politics
Jenice serves ideals and principles before country and people. She is loyal to Bastok, but contrary to the stereotype of Bastokans, isn’t willing to cut corners or do wrong to accomplish her objectives. Jenice is willing to take a stand for what she believes is right, and against what is wrong, no matter how prominent/important the opposition is. She loathes attitudes of superiority, whether they’re the attitude of some Humes toward Galka or the stereotypical Elvaan attitude toward non-Elvaan. In her mind, they just waste time.

Irina and Constantin’s views played a big part in how Jenice sees Beastmen. In telling her stories about the war, her parents didn’t use any epithets when they spoke about their Beastmen adversaries. Even so, Jenice isn’t likely to go hug a Quadav, or anyone else who’s trying to kill her, for that matter.

2.5 Career
When she turned 18, Jenice enlisted in the Republican Army Academy with the support of her family. In spite of several reprimands for dormitory pranks, Jenice graduated at the top of her class and was commissioned as an Iron Musketeer at 22.After two years’ service in the Musketeers, she attracted the attention of Bastokan Intelligence as one who possessed the traits of both a good soldier and an agent. Jenice accepted a low-key transfer when it was offered.

Jenice signed up as an adventurer without capitalizing on her Musketeer or family history, because being an adventurer gave her the freedom of movement and connections that a Bastokan soldier in uniform could never have. Being an adventurer cuts her from the rank and file and gives her some latitude in how to carry out assignments. While the change having to start over where reputation and history are concerned, Jenice thoroughly enjoys the challenges and opportunities for exploration that adventuring offers her.

Being a Bastokan operative and adventurer hasn’t been all fun and games; Jenice has been tapped to do jobs as mundane as delivering the diplomatic bag between Bastok and its consulates.

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Post by Jenice on Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:36 pm

3. Narrative History

3.1 Birth
Jenice’s parents met during the Crystal War. Her father Constantin was stationed at a forward base in [Region1] that held off an attack, but took heavy casualties. Her mother Irina was a ranger in the reconnaissance element of the [Unit1] sent to reinforce the base. They were quickly taken with each other. Very quickly. Jenice was born in the closing days of the Crystal War, shortly before the last assault on Castle Zvahl.

3.2 Childhood [3-12]
Jenice was a handful from an early age. She liked playing outside and exploring, while she hated “girly” things and being shut inside. Jenice was a quick learner, but her intelligence exceeded her wisdom for a long time.

Since both of Jenice’s parents had served in the War and come to respect and depend upon soldiers of other races and nationalities, they strongly discouraged bigoted attitudes in either area. At the age of 5, Jenice repeated a joke she’d heard at school about the San d’Orian “pointed eared freaks,” and was immediately yanked off her feet by her mother for a spanking she didn’t forget.

Jenice enjoyed being out and exploring so much that it was the subject of frequent arguments between her and her parents about when she was supposed to come in for the night. At age 8, Jenice tried to sneak out of the house to go play in North Gustaberg, and her mother caught her. Irina told Jenice she could go out on her own the day she could sneak out of the house. At about the same time, Jenice decide she wanted to learn how to ride a chocobo, with her parents’ assent. Upon arriving at the corral, she was incensed at the idea that she might have to ride one of the smaller chocobos usually reserved for Tarutaru and children. Jenice insisted on riding a full size bird, and after a long argument, she saddled up on one. She fell off six times the first day that she rode, but kept getting back on. Eventually her riding skill surpassed the scrapes and bruises.

By the time she was 10, Jenice had discovered her mother’s field manuals from her ranger days and began reading them. Two years later, she managed to sneak out and watched a sunset at the Drachenfall.

3.3 Young Adulthood [13-18]
Jenice developed an attitude that anything was possible, if something was thought of as impossible, she would treat it as something she just hadn’t been allowed to try yet. Her friends would sometimes use this to their advantage and dare her to do things that were unwise or downright stupid. On her 14th birthday, her friends talked her into sneaking aboard an airship and diving from its stern during takeoff. Jenice jumped from a height of 40’ and nearly drowned when her boots weighed her down.

Unlike many of her friends, who ran into trouble with the law for acts of petty theft or vandalism, Jenice knew when enough was enough. Aside from good-natured pranks, Jenice’s teenaged hijinks consisted of exploring and sneaking through areas that had the occasional beastman wandering through them. By the time she was 17, Jenice had decided she wanted to join the Iron Musketeers, and began training on her own in order to meet the physical part of the entrance requirements. Jenice joined up a week after her 18th birthday.

3.4 Musketeer in Training [18-22]
While at the Bastokan Military Academy, Jenice scored quality marks and performed well in physical training and exercises. Her time at the academy was marred only by a string of reprimands for practical jokes and pranks played on comrades and the occasional instructor.

3.5 Iron Musketeer [22-23]
Jenice’s first posting as an Iron Musketeer was a 6 month rotation with the 1st platoon of the 37th I.M. in the Zulkheim region, where she was known for her martial zeal and concern for her comrades. When she wasn’t on patrol or escort duty, Jenice spent most of her free time swimming or making her own surveys of her areas of operation. With little to do off-hours in Zulkheim, a fellow I.M., by the name of Belzer decided Jenice would make a great way to pass the time. When Jenice refused his advances, he got more aggressive. When Belzer tried to cross the line one night in the barracks, he got a number of broken bones and spent the remainder of the deployment in prison.

After San d’Oria was given control of Zulkheim in the next Conquest evaluation, the 37th was brought back to Bastok where it spent most of its time patrolling Gustaberg for marauding Quadav. Jenice drew on her experience exploring the area in her youth and bolstered the unit’s scouting capabilities.

In the first week patrolling Gustaberg, Jenice’s squad came across a merchant caravan traveling at night, and off the roads. When the squad leader was speaking with the traders to figure out why they were traveling so irregularly, Jenice discovered stashes of zinc ore hidden inside crates marked as containing copper. After the smugglers’ cargo was confiscated, the 37th received a unit citation for the arrest and seizure.

During the handful of skirmishes Jenice’s unit had with the Quadav, she earned the respect of her fellow Musketeers for her ability to consistently hit Quadav in vital areas that weren’t well-armored. Jenice wasn’t as proficient with melee weapons as she was with carbines and muskets, so she spent a lot of downtime practicing with the other members of the company. Her skills in that area improved somewhat, but Jenice always felt a little clumsy with melee weapons during her Musketeer service.

The next Conquest evaluation resulted in the 37th I.M. Company being dispatched to the Derfland region and the damp outpost in the Pashhow Marshlands. The wet weather in the marshlands proved to be a morale drain on Jenice and the rest of the unit, who were accustomed to drier climates that were friendlier toward patrols.

One week while the company commander was protecting harvests in the Rolanberry Fields with the 3rd and 4th platoons, the Derfland outpost fell under repeated Quadav attacks. Jenice volunteered to take a squad and ambush the attackers as they engaged the troops stationed at the outpost. After three days and nights of assaults, the 3rd and 4th platoons arrived and helped drive off the last of the attacking Quadav. 1st and 2nd platoons suffered 50% losses, including all but 3 people in Jenice’s squad of 10. The 37th Company was rotated back to Bastok to replenish troops, and was relieved by the 29th I.M.

Jenice was debriefed by a praefectus castrorum and told her attitude and conduct had distinguished her. She was offered the chance to serve Bastok in a specialized capacity by leaving the Iron Musketeers and becoming a combination of soldier and agent, while publicly becoming an adventurer to give her availability and flexibility of movement. After two days of asking questions and thinking the offer over, Jenice accepted and tendered her resignation from the Musketeers, insisting to her friends/comrades that she wanted more chances to explore.

3.6 Adventurer and Agent [23-27]
After being mustered out of the Iron Musketeers, Jenice spent six months being trained to work on her own. She was given instruction in a range of areas, including: wilderness survival, diplomatic protocol, improvised weapons, and infiltration methods.

At the end of her supplementary training, Jenice was issued an adventurer coupon, a Mog House, and the moogle Mogillian.

Hoping to differentiate her career as an adventurer from her time as a Musketeer, Jenice decided to challenge her shortcomings and switched from firearms to bladed weapons. After a march and hunt in the Valkurm Dunes, Jenice encountered Verence while pouring sand out of her boots. While it took her a few minutes to get used to someone speaking so formally/properly, she talked to him for awhile, because he was the first adventurer she’d met since her start who actually impressed her. After expressing the desire to have friends and comrades while growing as an adventurer, Verence gave her a linkpearl. Through Verence and the linkpearl, Jenice met most of the adventurers she knows today, aside from a few mercenaries.

More recently, Jenice has taken an interest in weaving, especially in being able to make her own clothing as well as altering her existing wardrobe. She was reluctant to let her closet seamstress tendencies become general knowledge until Muirnin discovered her looking for some misplaced materials, which resulted in Jenice not being embarrassed by something she thought of as too girly to be involved in.

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Post by Jenice on Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:36 pm

4. My IC Goals for Jenice

4.1 Clothcraft
As of December 2007, Jenice is a clothcraft veteran. She has made alterations to most of her armor that makes it more comfortable, as well as some bedding sets and more “girly” items.

I’d like to have Jenice develop into a master clothcrafter who’s known for producing designs that are comfortable, functional, and reliable – much like modern outdoor companies.

Some possibilities I’ve thought of are Jenice being awarded a contract to design a replacement Republican Army bedroll, Musketeer dress uniform, or some form of camouflage gear for recon/sneaking. They’re things that I don’t think would be seen on a regular basis even if they were in game OOC, so I don’t think it would go against canon to have her design them. Jenice probably wouldn’t be producing each unit on her own, but would be responsible for the design and testing, as well as some occasional quality assurance. She might even hire one or both of her parents to oversee the day-to-day aspects of the operation.

4.2 Jenice on the Run
I think it would be possible for Jenice to, via principled insistence toward [or against] an order, draw the wrath of a superior or senator trying to use Jenice to build their own personal republic. In the course of a mission, she would be compromised and face arrest on false charges courtesy of the person[s] that set her up. Not wanting to be exposed or rot until she was suicided in prison, she would escape arrest and go on the run, surviving in the wilderness until she could find out who had framed her and set things right.

As a tie-in for other characters, Jenice’s friends and acquaintances could be asked by their governments [if Jenice runs in to trouble on foreign soil] or as a goodwill favor by Bastok [if Jenice runs into trouble at home] to capture Jenice and bring her to “justice.” Since Jenice is a former Musketeer herself, and knows their tactics, they wouldn’t be effective in hunting her down.

5. Character Inspirations
I didn’t draw Jenice completely out of thin air. When coming up with my initial ideas for her, I thought about the kind of traits I wanted her to have, and found some examples of those traits.

5.1 Metal Gear Solid 3 – The Boss
I’ve always thought that Jenice would have some mannerisms and a speech pattern similar to the Boss, somewhere in between elegant and purposeful. Another trait I took when I began concepting Jenice was The Boss’ strong sense of loyalty, regardless of the challenges.

5.2 Resident Evil 2, 4 – Ada Wong
In both RE games she’s in, Ada frequently operates or survives on her own for long periods of time in hostile environments. She has a sense of calmness and assuredness [occasionally bordering on smugness, especially in RE4] that I drew on when I was originally thinking about what kind of hume Jenice was.

6. Soundtrack Listing
01. K-19 - War
02. Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht - Gnosis
03. Star Trek: First Contact – The Dish
04. The Empire Strikes Back – The Training of a Jedi Knight – The Magic Tree
05. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault – North Africa
06. Metal Gear Solid 3 - KGBVSGRU
07. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Fortress Sneaking
08. Return of the Jedi – Emperor’s Throne Room
09. Resident Evil 4 - Krauser
10. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Revealed
11. Resident Evil 4 – Echo in the Night
12. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Eva’s Unveiling
13. Resident Evil REmake – Guardhouse I
14. Metal Gear Solid 3 – Battle in the Base

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Post by Jenice on Thu Feb 19, 2009 4:37 pm

7. Tidbits

7.1 Assorted Likes
• Clothes that facilitate movement and flexibility
• Wilderness camping
• Sharing interesting, amusing, or embarrassing stories
• Challenges
• Reliability in friends and weapons.

7.2 Assorted Dislikes
• Puns, riddles, and word games.
• Stuffy or frilly clothes
• Tea cozies
• The taste of Yagudo, Quadav, and Orc meat
• Crude or vulgar people
• People who see her as a tool to accomplish their own ends
• Smelling bad
• Accidentally doing something girly.

7.2.1 BHS – Bear Holding a Shark
The bear holding a shark is a North American grizzly bear holding a shark over its head in both hands. The shark apparently has no need for water to breathe.

7.3. Jenice’s Perspective on Selected Characters
Although written OOC, this is not an OOC personal reflection on my part about the players behind the following characters. Some characters aren’t listed because Jenice hasn’t been around them enough to know or take real note about them.

7.3.1 Verence
Jenice thinks Verence can be pretty stiff and formal, but more importantly than that she can tell he’s been around the block a few times, and she respects him for that. He was also the first adventurer she met in more than passing after she left the Musketeers. Jenice understands the value of both knowledge and wisdom, and figures Verence has both in abundance.

7.3.2 Sphinx
Jenice is both interested and frustrated by what she sees as Sphinx’s silence, she finds it hard to communicate with someone like that. She’s noticed Sphinx’s uncomfortability in several situations, and hopes nothing bad comes from it when the chips are down.

7.3.3 Muirnin
Muirnin seems a bit reserved to Jenice, but not overly so, because she usually makes insightful observations and statements. Jenice thinks Muirnin’s cooking skills must be a gift straight from Altana, since her own cooking skills stop with meat and popotoes. Jenice used to particularly enjoy sneaking up on Muirnin, because she knew she’d get amusing reactions.

7.3.4 Lyre
Lyre’s blunt and direct nature is refreshing to Jenice; she’s never been put out by it. Jenice also appreciates Lyre’s sense of humor, so long as she doesn’t make any awful puns. Given Lyre’s extensive experience as a healer and Jenice’s rather limited experience, Jenice could probably learn a thing or few from her about battlefield medicine techniques.

7.3.5 Xenedra
Jenice used to be confused about Xene, because she met the doppelganger on occasion and didn’t know that was the case, resulting in a lot of confusion when she talked to the genuine article. Xenedra appears to be an easygoing lady to Jenice, but one capable of quickly switching from amusement to concern

7.3.6 Ayvaen
Jenice appreciates Ayvaen’s alchemical prowess, especially its applications toward compact and powerful explosives. That said, she finds him crude and boorish, and probably wouldn’t have anything to do with him if he didn’t know so many of her acquaintances.

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