Quietly into the Night

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Quietly into the Night Empty Quietly into the Night

Post by Shirotaru on Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:53 am

Jeuno Darksday

The skies of Vana'diel uncharacteristically clear in open defiance of the day's namesake, the hustle and bustle of Lower Jeunoian commerce pulsing as it did week after week. Traders hawked their various wares while many hands clamored over auction counters, and scores of crates flooded from the airship docks. A peach-colored tail flicked idly in the morning air, sharpened eyes catching a glimpse of a sparkle atop a hand cart packed with mail; a small blue sphere glistening in the light, tied to a small package. Literally peeling a slender form from the cool stone wall of the breezy port, an indistinguishable Mithra lurches forward nonchalantly, muttering with glee:

"Oh... Exploitable~!"

Little known to the poor courier, the mischievous Mithra had waltzed directly into his path and with a well placed foot the teenage Hume took quite the spill, sending luggage and mail everywhere. As agile as any Dancer, the catty culprit had used the very same foot to toss the leather-bound bundle her eyes were set on clear up in the air to land on the canvas awning covering the auction stairs. Extending an arm in apology, she offers help to the troubled kid.

"You rrreally do need to look where you leap, sonny.", she spoke with her best accent. The boy nodded solemnly, quietly and quickly rushed to repack the luggage cart. Stretching out in the rising sun, our cat burglar strolled away merrily as the sound of cart wheels dragged off in the distance.

"Heh. Newbies. You've still got it, Nino. Let's see what today's haul is."

Completely out of touch with what the general populace of Port Jeuno would think of someone scaling the rather thin canvas awning that ripples in the wind, the antagonistic thief trots across it with barely a problem or a care in the world. Plopping down in front of the parcel, wrapped tightly in leather and cord, knotted off with a small blue sphere, the Mithra picks it up and immediately recognizes the orb as nothing more than an ordinary linkpearl. Hmm... she thought. I wonder if it's still in use?

With no hesitation, she equips the pearl only to find a stark silence... though she couldn't quite put her larcenous finger on it; the shell seemed to still be active. Upon the removal of the pearl, the cord binding the entire package had magically unwound, sprawling out to reveal a sheet of parchment over a locked and bound journal of sorts. Scratching her chin with a deadly nail, she calmly read aloud what had been penned quite ominously, unwittingly broadcast over the linkshell:

"To whom it may concern: Shirotaku Mirofune III is dead."


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