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Post by DarkValkyr on Sat Apr 11, 2009 10:11 am

"Sheesh...this is tiring."

No kidding.

"From cleaning up crazed immortals to cleaning up bodies from town, I've done it all."

When are we going on that special assignment again?

"I got no clue."

Grr....they keep us on our paws and have our claws sheathed but it's been more than 3 months. This is getting ridiculous.

"It'll come one day. Knowing Marth, it'll probably come when we least expect it."

What do you think of all this so far?

"I used to hate Marth. He pushed me beyond limits I've thought impossible in uprushes of torture. Then again, it made me stronger in the end."

What, you're gonna forgive him after all he's done?

"He has his own beliefs on how a Blue Mage is supposed to be. Out of all these nutjobs, I've grown to respect him the most."


"He treats himself as neither a Hume or a beast. Yet, he fights whatever monster he's got and treats it like a loyal ally."

Much like you and me?

"I used to wish you went away, but...now I'm kinda glad. If I had to bring up my beliefs on society now and you weren't there, then...I'd probably be alone."

...mouse-brained idiot.


You told me that you weren't going to start talking all dreamy-and-childlike. You're in your thirties, for crying out loud.

"Even being old, I guess I can't change who I am and what sort of childlike ideals I've placed in my head."

Where've you been these past sixty moons?

"Eh...an immature kid who had no parents and never actually bothered to go out to the real world."

And now you are mature...?

"Much more than before, but still probably an idealist with crazy ideas."

Talking to an invisible tiger.

"Right. I wonder how the others are doing..."

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