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ACP Mission 11

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ACP Mission 11 Empty ACP Mission 11

Post by Sabriel on Mon May 04, 2009 2:58 pm

So I pretty much zerged this to victory over the weekend.

I've made a few important discoveries that make this a much easier win than people think. Job needs are not nearly as draconic as assumed.

- Instead of the tank running to the side of the arena, he/she needs to run straight back up the stairs where the rest of the party is parked. This allowed me to dodge 90% of the AOE, including seed of nihility and judgement. The only times I was hit doing this was when I was drawn in right as an AOE went off

- This can be done with a minimum of two ranged DD jobs. any two of COR, SMN, RNG, SAM/RNG, possibly two BLMs but this would need testing

- Problems with MP on mage jobs are easily resolved by bringing along a hi-elixir, and a few yagudo drinks

- Stuns are important, but not so much that a RDM/DRK is required. A BLM can fill the stunning role

- It is advisable to bring along one melee DD to handle the thralls. In fact, this is what helped me win the last two times. We had a PUP who handled all of the thralls (Vere, Muir, this means both of you could go on a ranged strategy with your melee jobs, in fact I think this is a safer win than a zerg strategy, as certain AOE spams can decimate a zerging group)

-This is battle of attrition, not Ranged DD doing as much damage as quickly as possible. Ranged DDs need to be extremely careful not to pull hate. This is what kills most runs and causes healers to run out of MP. It can be totally avoided by telling the DDs to leave their damage e-peen in the mog house.

If anyone needs this and I'm around and not busy, just let me know, as helping others requires only a quick trip to the AH for meds.

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ACP Mission 11 Empty Re: ACP Mission 11

Post by Designer hangbags on Fri Sep 24, 2010 11:13 pm

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