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Post by Ayvaen on Thu May 08, 2008 9:44 am

Note: I thought it'd be fun to write a transcript of some of No'en's thoughts during the Senate Meeting.

Flawed arguments often masqueraded as wisdom or tradition on the floor of the Senate. They'd begin with a baseless but acceptable claim which ballooned into an elaborate defense of an idiotic idea, frequently with the use of irrational logical transitions. These invalid children of emotion and reason led to poor decision-making and set back No'en's agenda, but during Senate Hearings his role was to watch quietly and answer questions if they were asked of him. This purpose did little to alleviate his frustration.

Each and every debate, he sat wishing he could open his mouth to refute his opponents' claims. The repudiations of their falsehoods would dance about his mind driving him to anger slowly. When a particularly stupid point was made, he had to physically excuse himself from the chamber to stop the mounting outburst. No'en found it amusing that the Republic's Constitution included both the design of Senatorial Debates and a clause explicitly prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment.

For most the debates were tiring, but for No'en they were invigorating. It wasn't merely the anger welling within him either, seeing the ignorance of his countrymen encouraged his patriachal tendencies towards the Children of Altana. Each session he was reminded that they had no idea who they were, what really caused their genesis, or what the future held; all things that No'en knew.

Going into politics No'en assumed knowledge of advanced technology, ancient history, and insight into Jeuno's intentions would give him an edge that would make him an unstoppable political force, but in practice the reality was quite different. Knowing the truth didn't always make a difference, as convincing others of his vision of it proved to be a difficult endeavor.

Each controversial decision was its own struggle. In the eighteen years he'd been President, many successes were won through hard work, but the lines of battle between the old and new were cosntantly being drawn and redrawn by the traditionalists. Many in the Republic resisted largescale change so tenaciously that No'en saw how easily it could become old San d'Oria if they were allowed to have their way.

Keeping things the way they've always been in Bastok doesn't matter at all, No'en was tempted to say, because if you don't change there won't be a Bastok to preserve. At times the only way to survive is to change, a lesson that in due time the entire nation would learn.

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