Alt: Editorial: Mithra Fined for Throwing Fish Into Water

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Alt: Editorial: Mithra Fined for Throwing Fish Into Water Empty Alt: Editorial: Mithra Fined for Throwing Fish Into Water

Post by Mhuirnin on Fri May 09, 2008 1:10 am

Bastokan Free Herald
Shana Liebnitz
Lightday, May 9th

A Windurstian citizen paid a fine today at the Bastokan Department of Industry for littering. Her crime? Throwing the remains of a fish she had eaten into the Port of Bastok. In these times of international incidents and upheaval, it’s good to know our boys in blue still know how to enforce every last detail of the letter of the law. Which is precisely the mindset, critics say, that delayed decisive action in Selbina so long. Has Bastok become so caught up in every law and loophole that we’ve forgotten how to act without playing legal hopscotch?

It’s a real concern as we continually move forward towards a more international world view. With things bound to change, will Bastok be caught with its pants down while we wait for procedure to catch up with us? With San d’Oria moving towards more open trade and Windurst taking strides towards fair treatment of border concerns, we simply don’t have the time for self-important navel gazing. If we’re to keep our trend-setting edge and the head of steam we’ve worked up so far, the senate is going to have to stop sweating the details so much.

Asked for comment, Miss Ess, the Windurstian in question, said “Your laws amuse me,” with typical Mithran flair.

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