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Post by Ayvaen on Mon May 12, 2008 10:22 am

"Why're we going here for our lunch break?" The Hume looked up to his Galkan companion in the dim light with an annoyed look on his face. He began to wonder just how his friend had managed to convince him to wander the back tunnels of Korroloka during their lunch break.

"I keep telling you, we're looking for something." The Galka's reply was irritated, matching his friend's face well.

"I'll trust your word then, Voewherr." He sighed slightly and continued following behind his friend quietly.

"Do you even know what the significance of this tunnel is Stefen?" Voewherr asked as he continued walking forward, glacing up and down to avoid any obstacles in the narrowing path.

"Not a clue..." The Hume responded.

"Stop." The Galka's voice was commanding and abrupt, his arm shot out to his right to block his friend from continuing on and for a moment both were silent, "Do you see that...?"

"See what...?" Stefen stared out into the darkness, eyes slowly focusing until he got a glimpse at what looked like a floating pile of rags. A few moments after that he realized what they were staring at; a ghost, "T-there are ghosts down here?"

"Yes. The souls of my ancestors driven from Altepa by the Anticans that didn't make the journey to the Quon. Consequently, that's what makes this tunnel sacred for us. It led us to our new home." He nodded, speaking quietly with eyes fixed on the phantom ahead.

"You drug me here to show me that...? Well it's interesting I suppose, if not entirely creepy...can we go?" The Hume's voice was barely audible and decreasing even further in volume as he went along.

"You're such a coward Stefen." Voewherr's response had an amused tone to it, indicating it wasn't his intention to insult, "Yes, we can go." The Galka lowered his arm again, turned around, and began walking back the way they came. His friend immediately chased after him, moving quickly behind, practically clinging to the hulking mass of muscles' back.

"You know I don't like stuff like that..." Stefen paused a moment, stopping. He thought he heard a faint rumbling in the distance, unsure if it was his mind playing tricks on him after their ghastly encounter, "Do you hear something...?"

"I do..." The two walked on cautiously in silence until they reached the main tunnel, where both the light and the rumbling were stronger, "What could that be...?"

"Get down!" The Hume pushed his friend slightly as they both sunk to the rocky ground. He outstretched a finger to point off in the distance at the source of the rumble, "What're those...?"


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