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Alt: Xille Wynstead

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Alt: Xille Wynstead Empty Alt: Xille Wynstead

Post by Psylight on Mon May 12, 2008 12:42 pm

Full Name: Xille "Goldilocks" Elizabeth Dawn Wynstead
Age: 22
Born: Bastok Markets, to Dazid and Simone Wynstead, a prolific Goldsmithing couple.
Military Experience: Started her career in the Bastokan Forces as a Messenger to the front lines at age 16. Enlisted fully at age 18, and made Centurion of the Fourth Division's 5th cohors "The Spitzer Tod" Unit at age 19.

Personal history: Born amidst the hectic backdrop of the War, Xille was raised to believe, as her father did, that Bastok was the greatest nation in Vana'diel. Dazid Wynstead, despite numerous sizable contributions to the country's war coffers, was not excused from the fighting, and Simone was left to steer the family business of Goldsmithing in his stead. Xille herself found great interest in the military, and even at a young age professed to everyone her admiration of the brave men and women of the Bastokan Forces. This admiration continued undeterred, even as Dazid was killed in action defending the Gustaberg Battalements from a Quadav counterattack.
Despite Simone's pleas to refrain from involvement in the war efforts, Xille dug her heels into her commitment, and when she was 16, she became a Messenger for the Fourth Division, taking documents, supplies, and notices to units in the field, even as far as the Valkurm Battlements. As soon as the Republic recognised her willingness to join in the fight, she enlisted in the Fourth Division's 5th Cohors speculatorum, performing intelligence, and rallying defense where it was most needed.
At 19, she became the youngest female Centurion in the Republic, and became even more infamous when, being praised and promoted to Centurion by the Fourth Division Praefectus, she replied distastefully, "Pull your tongue outta my ass, Sir." It's fortunate for her that the Praefectus had a sense of humour.
As Centurion for the Fourth Division's 5th Cohor "The Spitzer Tod" Unit, Xille has done exemplary work driving back Quadav forces other Units seemed hesitant to engage in combat. While The Spitzer Tod has use of advanced weapons, the brunt of their workload is most happily shouldered in the form of simply entering enemy territory and slaughtering the opposing forces in armed combat. With a stellar success rate, many of the Fourth Division have taken to calling Xille "Goldilocks", inclusive of both her hair colour and family trade, and also her Unit's ability to walk into the enemy territory and make themselves right at home.
Ever since Bastok peppered Beadeux with explosives and devastated the Quadav's infrastructure and weapons manufacturing, the frequency of Quadav attacks have been at an all-time low. Never tolerant of complacency, Xille and her Unit wait anxiously for their next orders.

Personality: Xille is the Gung-ho Military personified. She finds true delight in the successful raid of enemy territory, and is never more alive than when she's barking orders to her Unit in the heat of battle. Outside of her duty, she's quite demure and introspective. She enjoys a joke, even at her own expense, and has been known to play with the Bastokan children on Gold Street. She is fiercely loyal to the Republic, and believes Bastok to be the shining jewel of the modern world. She is well-educated, but despite a wealthy upbringing, she is usually crude and blunt, a habit formed from several years spent on the front lines of the war.

Rumors: Tales have been told of Xille's intolerance of cowardice amongst her Unit. Specifically, when a new recruit backed out of line in the face of an oncoming Quadav platoon, Xille grabbed him, pulled him back, then kicked him into the fray. No evidence of this has been found to be true, and it's supposed by a few that Xille herself spread the rumour in order to deter weak-hearted people from joining her Unit.
It's also been said that Xille spends most of her civilian time drunk. She asserts that this is not true at all, claiming only to drink once a week, "unless she gets bored", and her favourite drink is Gluggnix's Rocky Chocobo.

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