Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 10th, Watersday - Interview with President Sha'arhe!

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Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 10th, Watersday - Interview with President Sha'arhe! Empty Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 10th, Watersday - Interview with President Sha'arhe!

Post by Alveen on Mon May 12, 2008 4:47 pm

Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 10th, Watersday - Interview with President Sha'arhe!

Bastokan President No’en Sha’arhe has given his first interview to the Tribune since the attempt on his life last Watersday. Pale but determined, the President met with Tribune World News presenter Liselotte Friedemann yesterday afternoon and spoke candidly about his brush with death, the conclusion of the attempted secession by Selbina, and Bastok’s ties with the global community.

Liselotte Friedemann: Thank you again for agreeing to meet with me, Mister President.

President No’en Sha’arhe: It's no problem.

Friedemann: I think the thing weighing on most of Bastok's mind recently is how your health is doing. As you're aware, the rumor mill has been working overtime recently with reports filtering in that you were at death's door, comatose, already dead, etc. Obviously that's not the case. …[how] are you feeling now?

President Sha’arhe: Tired, a little stressed. But I'm here. I'll recover.

Friedemann: Has there been any news about the assassin who shot you?

President Sha’arhe: None. Sadly, they warped out after the shot. I don't think any information will surface, but I could be wrong.

Friedemann: Comparisons have been made between your shooting and the assassination of former Head of Military Affairs, Berner, by what was later revealed to be a tonberry. Do you think these parallels are, uh, justified?

President Sha’arhe: Honestly, no. Werner's assassination was during a wartime, et cetera. Also, lets try and remember, my assassination failed.

Friedemann: I'm sure you must be very relieved about that. *slight laugh*

President Sha’arhe: Very. I have a lot to do before an assassination can succeed.

Friedemann: Speaking of your future plans for Bastok, do you think this will alter them any?

President Sha’arhe: The assassination? No. Fear won't derail our visions.

Friedemann: Do you think that was their goal, to instill fear?

President Sha’arhe: I think their goal was to kill me. *chuckle*

Friedemann: *laughs* Let me, uh, let me try to rephrase the question. Do you think that their end goal was merely to... disrupt the government of Bastok, or was this merely someone who might have had a personal, uh... vendetta, let's say, against you?

President Sha’arhe: I think the individual was most likely a professional hired by some group whose interests run contrary to my vision of Bastok.

Friedemann: You're well known as one of the most "hands on" president's in Bastok's history. Do you think that your personal habits might have helped contribute to the ease with which this person apparently was able to target you, and do you plan to be more cautious in the future?

President Sha’arhe: I think my personal habits have definitely made me more vulnerable, but I don't intend to change that. The best way for me to serve Bastok is the way I currently do. I don't intend to do a poor job out of fear for my life.

Friedemann: In the case that such an assassination does take place - not that I hope it does or anything *laughs* - who would take your place as President until a new election can be held?

President Sha’arhe: In that event, Eli Fordham would guide the Senate to organizing special elections until a new President is selected by the people. I don't plan on dying, but with all of the people who're after me, who knows though. I've even had a Windurstian recognized Sin Hunter come after me.

Friedemann: Senator Fordham was your opponent during your own election, was he not? Do you feel confident leaving Bastok in his hands if such a thing came to pass?

President Sha’arhe: My confidence is irrelevent. I'll be dead if that happens, so how I feel about it is moot.

Friedemann: Good point. Moving on to something less morbid...

President Sha’arhe: Appreciated, heh.

Friedemann: The Selbina Situation.

President Sha’arhe: Yes?

Friedemann: I understand the city has been re-taken, during what is commonly coming to be known as "The Rout of Selbina?"

President Sha’arhe: That's correct. The Gryphons worked excellent with the Sniper Cohors of the 4th. It was an extremely successful mission.

Friedemann: I understand that casualties on our side were virtually non-existent?

President Sha’arhe: Yes, even for the San d'Orians. I can't emphasize enough how excellently our combined nations’ troops performed.

Friedemann: *laughs* I'm sure there are a lot of anxious mothers in Bastok who will be happy to hear that.

President Sha’arhe: It's nice that we'll have some good news to give people.

Friedemann: Are there any plans to re-evaluate Selbina's position as a part of Bastok given this recent squabble?

President Sha’arhe: None.

Friedemann: Even given Windurst's recent announcement regarding Mhaura?

President Sha’arhe: Correct.

Friedemann: There were rumors going around that Bastok was also interested in Mhaura. Can you lend any credence to these claims?

President Sha’arhe: Bastok was never interested in annexing Mhaura.

Friedemann: I see... Now that Selbina has been returned to Bastokan protection, will there be any repercussions against the city, or the people who participated in this rebellion?

President Sha’arhe: Only the leader of the Rebellion. He'll be tried in court. The trial will be quite public, so it shouldn't be difficult for even the most average citizen to follow.

Friedemann: And the other combatants?

President Sha’arhe: They were mercenaries, non-human combatants. Automatons of some sort. They're all dead now.

Friedemann: Automatons? You mean similar to puppets?

President Sha’arhe: Yes, only biological in nature. I'm about out of time, so a couple more questions please?

Friedemann: I suppose the obvious question then is, if they were puppets, who was it pulling the strings?

President Sha’arhe: We don't know.

Friedemann: Alright. A personal question to finish it off, then...

President Sha’arhe: Surely.

Friedemann: I understand you've been seen recently enjoying the company of a young Mithran woman. Do you have any comments you'd like to make there?

President Sha’arhe: It's not what it appears to be...? She's an elite guard, a martial scholar, and a friend, not a lover. I have time for one more question.

Friedemann: Given their participation and help with the Rout of Selbina, our relationship with San d'Oria seems to be becoming closer than ever. What plans do you have regarding the friendship between our two nations?

President Sha’arhe: We're working on a trade agreement to build a road through La Theine and Valkurm to Selbina. That'll be our next big project. […]that's about all I have time for. It was nice talking with you.

Friedemann: Ah... Of course, Mr. President. Thank you once again for your time.

President Sha’arhe: Always a pleasure, take care.


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