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Xenedra Alchmage

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Xenedra Alchmage Empty Xenedra Alchmage

Post by Xenedra on Mon May 12, 2008 5:23 pm

Maiden Name: Bel’Daninai
Age: 27
Race: Mithra
Gender: Female

Xenedra is physically weaker and probably only half as agile as most Mithra her age and stature, probably because of, but not limited to, the harsh physical treatment she experienced as a child. Despite this, she has a youthful appearance, small and slim, and a welcoming personality. This contrasts oddly with a constant inner fatigue and stark white hair, at times giving her a look of one thoroughly defeated.

Job Class:
Initially Xenedra’s interest in black magic came from a desire to be an asset aboard the pirate ship that “rescued” (here, read kidnapped) her from Norg, as well as a game she used to play with her friend Domo as a child. Naturally curious about almost anything under Vana’diel’s sun, she took a special interest in studying everything she could get her hands on about magic, as well as various other things. This explains her high level of literacy even aboard a pirate ship. Her interest in magic has never waned, if anything it has increased tenfold, eventually leading her to be appointed by Shiromiro as a professor in Windurst’s Orastery ministry.

After visiting Aht Urhgan she became interested in the dice rolls and magic shots used by the corsairs hiding out there. Whether this was caused by previous pirate loyalty or not, has yet to be seen. However, it’s more likely that she simply wishes to fill in gaps in her abilities that black magic cannot cover.

Xenedra was born in Norg and lived there with her abusive mother until the age of eight, when she was kidnapped by one of the many pirate ships that take refuge there. Aboard the ship, the May, she was put to work doing what jobs she could manage and placed in the care of the ship’s lead black mage and the captain’s lover, Riehah. Riehah, begrudgingly, taught Xenedra the basics of black magic. Soon enough though, Xenedra no longer sought out Riehah’s harsh help and learned new spells on her own.

Her friendly nature put her in favor with the captain, Kain, and he kept her close to keep an eye on her, much to the chagrin of Riehah, who only became more bitter and increasingly cruel to her. Xenedra, already accustomed to such treatment from her mother, simply accepted the cruelty. The captain, however, couldn’t stomach the caustic nature Riehah had adopted and left her. Her ruthlessness, previously leashed, was let loose on the entire ship.

Years later, Xenedra herself became the captain’s lover. Eventually, in a mad retaliation, Riehah organized a mutiny, claiming that Kain was neglecting his duties to dote on Xenedra. During the exchange many members of the crew still loyal to Kain, including Xenedra, were able to lock themselves away in a ship’s hold, but Kain’s life was taken by the hands of Riehah. However, the commotion onboard the ship alerted a nearby ship belonging to the San d’Orian navy, and the May was boarded. The pirates that were part of Riehah’s mutiny were either killed or taken prisoner, as Riehah herself was. The crew found locked away in the hold was released, as the San d’Orians had no proof that they were anything but captives in the situation.

Most of the spared crew made their way back to Norg, but Xenedra remained in San d’Oria, aimless and heart broken. She spent many an evening drowning her sorrows in the Rusty Anchor, considering life, and eventually she was able to force herself back out into the world with the help of the Tarutaru Hokshi. Feeling guilt over her life of piracy, she promised herself that this time her life would be about helping others. To put this promise into action she became a registered adventurer in San d’Oria.

After embarking on her adventures, she befriended an accomplished group of adventurers, which inspired her to push herself to master black magic faster. Two of the adventurers in particular became bright points in her life. The first was a Hume (later discovered to be a Kuluu), Ayvaen, whom she initially disliked, but grew to understand and love, and eventually married. The second was a Mithra, Mhuirnin, a fast and firm friend. She currently lives in the Port district of Bastok with her husband, Ayvaen, and their child, Esmie.

Xenedra will do anything for a friend and hasn’t given up on one yet. This may or may not be considered a good thing, as she makes friends like wildfire spreading through a dry field. She tends to think the best of people and will give them as many chances as they need to prove to her that they are good. She isn’t generally shy about anything, but prefers not to discuss events in her distant past. She’d much rather go exploring or help a friend in need. Quite easily she’ll puts others ahead of herself; she doesn’t think much of herself and infrequently argues when others put her down or tell her she’s wrong. This isn’t to say that she can’t be stubborn. When she sets her mind to something, she will get it done, regardless of what ill effects it may have on her. She’ll oftentimes get herself in trouble in this manner: ignoring her own safety for the benefit of another.

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