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Post by Sphinx on Tue May 13, 2008 9:25 pm

Leh Nhacara didn't consider herself the most attractive mithra to walk the surface of Vana'diel, but she knew her fashion sense more than made up for what she lacked in that department. She had spent hours orchestrating her wardrobe for the time she'd stay in San d'Oria - for the festivities that were supposed to happen yet never did.

It really was irritating, how the assassins in this kingdom had little consideration toward other people, shooting men in public like that and ruining the night - if not few nights - for everyone else. Ultimate act of selfishness. It wasn't like in other nations who kept the nasty business of killing other people away from the hair of those uninvolved - but then, that was elvaan for you, too flashy for their own good.

Apparently her musings had taken Leh Nhacara too far down the Pikeman's way, judging from how the stench of the tanning guild had fallen downwind. Sometimes she wondered if having a nose like the humes or elvaan did was a blessing, and how much easier it made life in the city not having to pick up all the scents hers did. Idly she turned around to head back the way she came, nodding a smile to a bright young elvaan lad dashing by.

Not that either the assassin or the victim had been elvaan. But humes were always known for their multiculturalism, maybe they simply considered it appropriate to perform their little play more closer to the local norms.This notion amused Leh Nhacara, as her thoughts ever drifted back to the situation at home. Njarra Tiahlee hadn't been pleased of the event, even though the ultimate outcome seemed to calm her down slightly. The days most lately gone by had proven to be a constant strain on their leaders temper, and who could blame her?
But it did make one wonder why the president's business so had become their leader's business.
Leh Nhacara liked to think she could second-guess her old friend better than most people, which is why she was so eager to jump the chance to visit the Kingdom to witness this celebration never happened. She knew tensions were about to run high back home, and thus preferred a distance to them when they would. Hopefully whatever ass was to be kicked up north would allow Njarra Tiahlee to vent enough to bring some semblance of normalcy back to Mhaura.

Here it was, Camorie's place. She'd walked slightly past it again, but atleast her eyes could detect it now. As of late, they had started losing their edge. Maybe she should see a healer about it.
Maybe one of the herbalists in Kazham, even though she didn't really like Kazham. Such an outdated little place - quaint, in the back to the roots sense, but really. Hardly a place to enjoy one's self in.

But the store was as small as the tarutaru had said it was, and approaching it brought a tingling sensation up Leh Nhacara's spine as it was a good sign. Maybe the other things that the little hatter had claimed were likewise true. Some brand of perfume - rather extravagant for a store this size; another good sign - welcomed Leh Nhacara as she crept inside barely able to contain herself. The perfume didn't do the trick for her whose nose could still pick the underlying scent of the tannery few houses upwind, but she guessed it was enough for the elvaan.

Of course Njarra Tiahlee had gone north with not one but two ministers. Leh Nhacara had little love for the Animastery chief, and she guessed the Manustery minister would only be worse in their Major's eyes - those eyes that rarely enjoyed the sight of tarutaru of any height. So the end result would very likely be even more tension back home, or Windurst ending up two ministers short.
Neither outcome really tickled her fancy, so Leh Nhacara was fast to cast that thought aside. But worst case meant she'd just have to suffer this place of such grand fashion a few days longer. Pity.

The food wasn't too nice Leh Nhacara preferred her food spicy enough to barely taste the meat, where the elvaan cuisines - atleast the ones she'd sampled - tended a cautious seasoning to them. People said the salmon of the Phoenix Perch was unrivalled in Vana'diel, but she couldn't feel it. Might be she had grown too used to eating fish in Mhaura, and really came to expect more when travelling abroad.

But it wasn't really her style, elvaan liked to put a little too much pomp to their fashion. It looked good for them, given the typical pride and air of nobility the typical elvaan carried one's self with, but for herself Leh Nhacara preferred a classy modest look, combined with a subtle hint of downplayed extravagance. Some called the style unique - most used words much more harsh to describe it, but that tended to be the case for obvious trendsetters like her.

The store ended up being something of a letdown, it dealt mostly with fabrics and the originals on display weren't made by the elvaan she came to find. All of them were obviously of elvaan fashion, but as such most were tailored for the elvaan. She did settle on a pair of spidersilk gloves - decorated with red gems and silvery pearls - in case a fancier event reared it's head, as well as a nice silver necklace to go with them.
And a pair of earrings a bit too tacky to wear, but they'd make a nice memento.
And a black scarf, heavily embroided with gold thread.

Seeing Tahni Mekhulo at the Phoenix Perch Inn had given her inspiration. The minister herself had a good idea going, but a complete and utter lack of fashion sense to pull it off. A carefully chosen scarf however, would do wonders in drawing a public eye to the mithra wearing it. Of course it would have to fit the rest of the attire seamlessly, one would have to possess an ability to combine the scarf with her outfit.
But if anyone could, Leh Nhacara felt confident in her ability to make an attire only perfected by such a veil... She really should extend the minister her thanks, after this whole Windurst issue cools down.

With this - and a bag of other pieces of attire, jewellery, perfumes and random knick-knacks that caught Leh Nhacara's eye in the small elvaan store - the mithra stepped back outside to glance toward the tanner's guild, wondering how skilled the guildsmen were in clothcraft. Sad that the relations with the federation were heading so fast downhill, given how the nation was the only one with a working weaver's guild - and thus most the artisans in that field. Atleast Bastok still held the goldsmith's guild, maybe she should make that as her direction next.

Idly she travelled toward the tanner's guild, her thoughts in the northern expedition again. Maybe whatever they're hunting would bring the old Njarra Tiahlee back, and some new stories to tavernlight - the taur who nearly tore their leader's face off during their Uleguerand venture provided Mhaura with almost a week's worth of stories way back when. Of course there weren't taurus anywhere near beaucedine, which was rather strange to Leh Nhacara. Maybe the kindred kept them away, who knew.

As she took the stairs up toward the guild's salesroom, the mind of Leh Nhacara was on what sort of shoes would she want to go with her new coat. Tigerhide had a decent shade to it, if the shoes were made properly. Maybe she'd ask for soft leather this time, something warm.
She would have to come up with some task to complete in Bastok, the gloves she just bought simply demanded bracelets to accompany them.

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