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Alt: Tahni Mekhulo

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Alt: Tahni Mekhulo Empty Alt: Tahni Mekhulo

Post by Mhuirnin on Mon May 19, 2008 6:32 pm

Full Name: Tahni Mekhulo

Age: 19

Studies: White magic training at the Aurastery since an early age. Several years of summoning magic in the Animastery.

Current Position: Minister of the Animastery.

Public Opinion: Tahni hasn't been head of the Animastery very long at all, and there was a lot of controversy over her appointment at such a young age. Karaha-Baruha insisted that he had full faith in her abilities, but concerns persisted. There's a general feeling of uncertainty over how she will manage the Ministry of Summoning, but those close to her seem to have a strange assurance.

Personal History: Tahni is a war orphan who was enrolled into an Aurastery orphanage to learn white magic in hopes of someday being useful to Windurst. While on a school field assignment at 13, the trade caravan to Mhaura she was with was attacked by Yagudo. She managed to escape, but went missing for a short time and was feared lost. She later reappeared in Windurst with a caravan under Claws protection.

Upon her return, she immediately asked to be transferred to the Animastery, where she threw herself into her studies with zeal. She showed natural ability and made rapid progress as a summoner. Six years later when Karaha-Baruha announced his intent to resign, he shocked everyone by naming Tahni, still mostly a neophyte, as his successor.

Behavior/Personality: Tahni is shy, quiet, and easily embarassed. She works hard to live up to expectations, but in public it's pretty clear she'd rather not have all eyes on her. Despite that, she shows a somewhat reluctant steeled resolve when pushed into a corner.

Tahni is athsmatic, but keeps it mostly under control with the white magic she has learned. Stress and too much phsyical activity can cause difficulty for her, though.

Rumors: There are many rumors about the how and why of Tahni being chosen as Minister, including secret tests, initiation rites, summoning competitions, and just plain foolish favoritism.

Some say her athsma is a sign of failing health, and she only has a few years to live.

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