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Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 19th, Lightningsday – Interview with Sentator Eli Fordham!

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Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 19th, Lightningsday – Interview with Sentator Eli Fordham! Empty Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 19th, Lightningsday – Interview with Sentator Eli Fordham!

Post by Alveen on Mon May 19, 2008 10:14 pm

Alt: Bastokan Tribune, May 19th, Lightningsday – Interview with Sentator Eli Fordham

After the stunning attack on our nation’s capital by Antica last Firesday Bastok has been in an uproar, leaving the survivors of the attack wondering what the cause was for this latest beastman aggression. Today, Tribune World News presenter Liselotte Friedemann was able to speak with Leader of the Senate, Senator Eli Fordham, about his thoughts on the latest attack and what problems Bastok can anticipate in the months to come.

Liselotte Friedemann: Thank you very much for agreeing to meet with me, Senator Fordham.

Senator Eli Fordham: It's a pleasure.

Friedemann: I'm sure there must be many things on your mind these days, given the recent beastmen attacks. Has there been any word yet of the cause behind this recent aggression?

Senator Fordham: No word, as of yet, but I can only imagine that it is because Beastmen have an inherently aggressive nature.

Friedemann: Over the years, Bastok has spent untold numbers of resources strengthening our defenses against the Quadav to the north. Do you feel now that this may have been a tactical misstep; that we should have paid more attention to the threat coming from "within?"

Senator Fordham: This was an unprecedented attack. Given the distance between Bastok and Zepwell, we can not be expected to maintain such vigilance when there is another enemy right at our doorstep.

Friedemann: Although Bastok does keep a guard at watch at the entrance to Korroloka Tunnel, this post proved to be exceedingly ineffective at warning us about the attack. In fact, I think a pair of miners were the first to discover it? In the future, are there any plans to perhaps move the checkpoint further down the tunnel? Or even blast the tunnel closed entirely?

Senator Fordham: I agree that the warning our forces received was not up to standards, however, we can not forget that a few hundred musketeers defeated a force with much larger numbers. Pound for pound, the Anticans are no match for our firepower. The plans we have in the works are extremely aggressive and wide in scope.

Friedemann: Is there anything you can tell us about those plans at this time?

Senator Fordham: No.

Friedemann: Do you have any comments about President Sha'arhe's controversial decision to scavenge the bodies of the dead Anticans for minerals?

Senator Fordham: I find the decision perplexing. If he wants to pick through remains for whatever he can scavenge, let him. If he wants to pick through their droppings and find out what they had for lunch, he can do that, too. Personally, I'd stuff the bodies in our cannons and fire the Anticans' own fallen back at them.

Friedemann: *Slight chuckle* Since the re-opening of the tunnel, many of the Galkan laborers have been advocating storming Altepa and attempting to take back their historical homeland. Ignoring the question of logistics, do you think that such a feat should be attempted if it is deemed to be feasible?

Senator Fordham: That's a good question. I have always been sympathetic to the Galka, and I feel that if the Galkan laborers believe this is necessary, then they are free to do so. The question here is not about Bastokan sovereignty, but about free choice, and if they really want to, no power can or should stop them. It would be a great loss for Bastok, as they are the backbone of our nation, but we can't force them to stay.

Friedemann: Is this something you feel that Bastok as a nation should support, with military assistance if necessary?

Senator Fordham: If at all possible, yes. It is the least we could do after all they've given us.

Friedemann: I see... Given the great success achieved using guns during the battle with the Anticans, do you feel that the attempt to shift the focus of Bastok's industry away from mining towards fields such as alchemy has proven it's worth today?

Senator Fordham: Mining and Alchemy are the two legs Bastok stands on. If we lose one of those legs, we lose that balance, and will undoubtedly topple.

Friedemann: Very well put, Senator. Your son, Ritchard, recently enlisted, only to be wounded during the separatist attack on Selbina. How is he doing at the present moment?

Senator Fordham: *Smiles* Ritchard is doing very well. He's fully recovered and has since carried out his duties honorably. I couldn't be more proud.

Friedemann: As a father, you must be rather worried about him being in combat. Do you ever wish he had chosen a less dangerous career?

Senator Fordham: Never. Though he's had a few growing pains in the past, my son is his own man now. I think if anything, that's the hardest part to deal with. He realizes the importance of serving Bastok, and I'm glad that he has chosen it.

Friedemann: Well, let him know that Bastok is rooting for him.

Senator Fordham: I will, thank you.

Friedemann: Recently Bastok's ties to the nation of San d'Oria appear to have been deepening. There have been rumors that aside from the attack on Bastok from Antica, San d'Oria was also facing its own attack by the forces of the Northlands. Are there any plans to send aid to San d'Oria as repayment for their help during the Rout of Selbina?

Senator Fordham: I'm not at liberty to say.

Friedemann: Many years ago, you led the first team to make contact with the nation of Aht Urghan in centuries. Given the precarious state of affairs between Bastok, Mhaura, and Windurst recently, are there any plans on perhaps re-opening trade with the nations of the Far East?

Senator Fordham: No, there are absolutely no plans. Yet.

Friedemann: Yet?

Senator Fordham: Should the situation present itself, it is one I feel Bastok should pursue. So far it hasn't, but one can only hope...

Friedemann: One final question, then.

Senator Fordham: By all means.

Friedemann: As a former military commander, you served with distinction during the Great War twenty years ago. Do you feel that another Great War may be on the horizon? What would be your advice for the people of Bastok during the days to come?

Senator Fordham: The possibility of another Great War is something we should always consider. I'm sure anyone who remembers those days will agree with me. If it is a possibility now, it is because we have made ourselves seem as easy targets to the beastmen with our own squabbles amongst the four nations who defeated them not very long ago. We banded together to defeat them. Now we fight amongst ourselves like children. My advice is simple: band together, and we will overcome the Beastman threat.

Friedemann: A potent message, and one that hopefully people will take to heart. Thank you once again for your time today, Senator Fordham.

Senator Fordham: Thank you. It has been a pleasure.


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