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Alt: Reclining in Jeuno Empty Alt: Reclining in Jeuno

Post by Raku-Kun on Tue May 20, 2008 2:42 pm

Vance sat back in his chair, almost reclined while he watched the passing citizens of Jeuno through his shades. On the occasion, he would stare upon certain females that spurred his interest while they walked by. A few would exchange looks, but would just walk off; ignoring Vance. He shifted in his chair to find a more comfortable spot; a sigh pushing past his lips in disappointment of his failure in finding one.

Jimeney Christmas, you'd think they'd give me a better chair for the shit I do for them. The thought stuck to his mind for a bit, and he grew annoyed. However, the thought process was interrupted as a man approached Vance. He perked a brow towards his visitor, and formed his lips into a wicked grin.

"And what brings you here paper pusher?" His voice was harsh, and full of sarcasm. The man frowned at Vance's gesture, and handed him a envelope before walking away at a quick pace. Vance chuckled while he ripped the envelope open and pulled out a letter with a Chocobo voucher clipped to it. He flipped the voucher up a bit to read the letter, and could barely contain himself at the first sentence.

'The Counsel of Jeuno is growing tired of your petty games Mr. Lacette, and are beginning to doubt your abilities as a hit man. Twice have you failed to assassinate the subject. The first attempt should HAVE been a success if you had those beasts attack him! But enough of that. Bastok has gone under attack by the Antica according to our sources, and we believe this may be the best chance to assassinate the subject. You will have to get there by Chocobo however, but we clipped a voucher to this letter to allow you to ride for free. Don't fail us this time, or you will be the one being put six feet under!"

Vance laughed, almost falling out of his chair at the words the letter depicted. He thought it was a shame however since he would have to burn the letter so no one would find out what Jeuno was really up to. He wanted to keep it. Maybe frame it and put it on the wall to laugh at it every time he saw it. As he shook his head and stood up, he made his way back to the room they always provided for him. If he was to go by Chocobo, it would probably be a days journey. Given if they give him one thats perfectly healthy. They were known for giving him weak ones most of the time, and he thought it was pathetic.

But hey, a third chance to kill this guy. Maybe I'll meet him face to face this time.


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Alt: Reclining in Jeuno Empty Re: Alt: Reclining in Jeuno

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