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Alt: State of the Republic

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Alt:  State of the Republic Empty Alt: State of the Republic

Post by Ayvaen on Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:05 am

Published by the Tarutaru Times

Nations often tell their citizens that sacrifices of liberty must be made for the greater good. They convince people that freedom is a small price to pay in exchange for continued security; and even that it is a noble choice. And sometimes it is. In wartime willing suspension of one's rights and individuality allows government to make decisions unhindered by bureaucratic processes, public perception, and adherence to administrative transparency. This can be used to safeguard a nation's secrets, launch effective campaigns against enemies, defend from foreign attack, or control the populace in order to force them to accept a despot's ambitions as the national agenda. The fact that this treatise is not being published in the Republic by order of the government should illuminate the situation there.

The Newspapers are just the beginning. As is, the Senate controls every facet of the Republic. They hide this with clever lies about my whereabouts and condition. They began this illegal venture with the support of foreign parties; primarily Queen Sabbiel d'Oraguille of San d'Oria. The exact details of their arrangement are unknown even to me, but my internment in the Chateau up to and during its destruction proves the Queen's involvement in their scheme. It is also true she is angling to seize absolute control of her own government in a similar fashion by tarnishing Lord Chamberlain Monveaux's good name.

As the head of the Senate, it is obvious that Eli Fordham is behind this conspiracy plaguing our Republic. And I will not tolerate his calculated, gradual attempt at destroying our constitutional government only to replace it with dictatorship.

I will return to Bastok to reclaim my authority and face whatever official consequences the citizens and responsible members of the Senate wish to impose on me. But I will not remain in exile forced on me illegally by Fordham and his cronies; I owe it to the establishment of Republican Law to return our nation to its proper state, even should that very law relieve me of my office.

No'en Sha'Arhe

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