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Post by Verence on Sat Aug 30, 2008 3:39 am

To the Republic of Bastok, with regards to its citizens; Greetings.

I had very much wished to hold my tongue regarding matters of state, but recent occurrences compel me to make myself heard. I apologize for the unsettling reports of late, and hope in this missive to rectify any misconceptions that may have arisen.

Firstly, of my own account, my recent visit to Windurst proceeded quite smoothly but for one difficulty, as Ministers Tahni Mekhulo and Valkyr-Renhara may attest. It became necessary to discuss wartime accommodations with the joint military effort against the Yagudo soon to commence. Due to an admittedly regrettable mutual lack of knowledge about our respective military fortes, extended discussion was required. I am pleased to announce that logistics have been sorted, and a San d’Orian-Windurstian joint offensive will soon march upon Oztroja, to clear the way for our allies in the East. As to claims of concern for my safety and lack of communication, any of those in my Griffon unit or in the Royal Knights will freely attest as to my continued contact and organization of the San d’Orian war effort.

More worrisome however, is the aforementioned matter of the Bomingo Round disruption. President Sha’arhe, his assistant, and myself were assaulted by a unit of armed Elvaan of unknown origin, using the pretext of a missive from my wife to approach us. Mercifully, the Federation’s stalwart Sin Hunters were able to provide aid in subduing the attackers, however Presidential Aide Xenedra regrettably came to grievous harm. Survivors are being held for questioning by the Windurstian guard, but details are currently sparse. Their goal is unknown, but unsettling rumors have reached me about closed-door dealings aimed at President Sha’arhe, to whose health and wellness I may personally attest. I had wondered at the claims regarding his illness, but assumed it imprudent to inquire. I myself hold no knowledge of any Northlands visit on his part.

As to President Sha’arhe’s extended stay in the Chateau, I know relatively little. The fact alone that I know relatively little may be cause for concern, but the added fact that a number of Chateau personnel began to show a growing uncertainty regarding the Queen’s supposedly erratic behavior is even moreso – There are many I have spoken to who will attest to this fact. Furthermore, I fear she has somewhat overstepped her bounds in areas of both authority and appropriateness by taking a direct hand in Bastokan affairs, without consent or knowledge of the President.

We must create a unified front with which to stand the assault from the North, and together drive back the shadow’s host. This puts a great deal of stress upon our nations’ leaders and I begin to grow worried for my nation’s queen to make claims of other worlds, spontaneous abandonment, and personal threats. I will be returning to San d’Oria soon to reassume full authority over the matter of foreign affairs in this war.

I wish to stress that this is by no means lessens the position or prestige of Royaulais, I simply fear that these trying times may have proven too much for our nation’s beloved Queen. Again, allow me to apologize for any unrest in your fair Republic caused by recent correspondence. For those of the faith, I kindly request you to join me in entreating the Goddess for her speedy recovery, that she may again be a guiding light in a peaceful and prosperous age of international cooperation.

With best regard,
Grand Chamberlain Verence Monveaux

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