Alt: Special Edition: More information surfaces about Selbina Skirmish

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Alt: Special Edition: More information surfaces about Selbina Skirmish

Post by Ayvaen on Wed May 07, 2008 6:30 am

Bastokan Tribune Special Edition
Firesday May 5th

Recent government reports indicate that the unit guarding Selbina has been poorly equipped for some time. Apparently the Executive Officer of the unit (name was withheld until the Military Police deal with the matter) has been skimming funds off the top of his unit's funds.

When asked to comment on the rammifications of this event, President No'en said, "We are currently assessing the situation to determine the guilty party and the severity of the charges; especially the consequences these crimes might've had during the attack. If we find that it cost the lives of several hard-working men and women of the Republican Legion, I assure you the charges will be severe."

With the Selbina situation still at a standstill and questions being raised about the corruption of our own soldiers political unrest continues to mount regardless of recent speeches given by President No'en in an attempt to pacify his critics. One has to wonder how long his approval rating will dip before any action is taken to address the concerns of the country.

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