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Story time. Non-ffxi oriented. Empty Story time. Non-ffxi oriented.

Post by Raku-Kun on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:57 am

Ok, I know this first chapter won't bring much of an idea on whats going on, but I tend to do that sometimes. Anyways, once I get a few chapters going, I'd like to see how I can make it fit into FF-XI's storyline, and bring in a very old character. Excuse any grammar errors, etc etc, and enjoy. And please like the rules of stories, can we make a separate thread for comments?


Night time, winds blowing at gale force, lightning dancing violently through the sky with thunder exploding loudly to cheer its mutual partner on, and a transparent sheet of water falling from the sky. The land a barren wasteland of a demolished buildings and abandoned streets of a long extinct civilization that seem to flicker to life briefly when lightning shot through the sky. In the center of this ancient city, a man stands; surrounded by six strange creatures resembling wild dogs that kept circling about his form. Their bodies slender as if they never eaten before, and their fur barely long enough to cover their skin. Each of them snarling viciously and drooling over a meal that has come into their territory. The man, hidden by a black cloak he wore, stood still in the middle of the fiends circle. Unaffected by the growls and the licking of their lips. He suddenly jumped into the air as the beasts all jumped in to tear at him. Jaws snapping onto empty air with howls of anger following after. The man's cloak blew off his form, and suddenly a slender katana was in each hand. A bolt of lighting flash in the sky; illuminating the mans form for a brief second before rendering him a shadow to the beasts below.

Coming down upon them, he stabbed two of the beasts while landing on another and crushing it. The sounds multiple bones cracking and breaking barely being heard over the yelps of pain and the explosion of thunder that followed. He jammed his katanas into the ground as hard as he could; pinning the two he stabbed. The remaining three charged from his sides and front in with their fangs barred and ready to tear through the mans flesh. He quickly laid back, letting the three beasts crash into each other. Both hands reaching up to grab the throats of the ones that attacked from the sides, and both his feet shooting up into the last ones gut. Launching it a few feet higher into the air as it flew away from him and landing on a rusted piece of pipe jutting into the air; impaling the beast. Holding onto the dazed beasts he tightened his grip to cut off any air they breath. The minutes passing by with the beasts madly flailing about. Growls turning to whimpers, and then distorted coughs as their bodies finaly went limp. Getting up, after tossing them away, he took the katanas from the pinned beasts and sheathed them to their respectful places on his waist.

Shaking his head while walking up the street he was on, the rain and wind slowly came to a halt as the temperature of the area rapidly decreased. The man came to a stop, looking about his surroundings while grabbing his blades. Suddenly the ground beneath him started to shake violently; causing him to stagger and fight to keep his balance. A hole ripped open in front of him, with a figure glowing in a blue color shooting out from it. Its form resembling that of a human female, with the eyes glowing a ruby red color, and her body a transparent blue with a pair butterfly wings along her back. The man, tilting his head with a smile on his lips, gave a soft chuckle towards the being. "Ya know, you really should stop doing that Leah." The being giggled softly as her form slowly started to shrink in size. The red eyes turning purple, and her body glowing white instead of blue. With a flap of her wings, she flew over to the man and took a seat on his left shoulder; crossing her legs. "I don't see what the problem is. I sensed you were in trouble so I came to your aid."

Releasing a sigh, he gently patted Leah's head with a hand. "You're a good friend Leah. Just try not to wear yourself out." Leah got closer to his face, and left a tiny kiss on his cheek to approve his words. The man slightly bowed his head with a smile and walked around the hole in front of him. "I'd like to know why everytime you get angry, it gets cold. I'm freezing my nuts off here." Leah's cheeks flushed red brightly at the mans comment, and kept herself quiet. Chuckling, the man continued on. "Well, we're at the center of the city far I haven't seen any places on where the artifact might be at." Humming to herself quietly as she thought about what he said, the man slowly walked over to a building that looked intact. The structure standing at least three stories tall, and taking up a quarter of the block they were on. From what they could see from the outside, most of the windows were still intact, the double door in the front was still standing and looked sturdy, and the walls had a few holes but nothing to big. "I think this is it Leah."


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