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Thorak Keddal

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Thorak Keddal Empty Thorak Keddal

Post by Thorak on Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:57 pm

Name: Thorak
Age: 26
Race: Hume
Gender: Male

Description: Thorak is average height for a hume, with light brown hair and dark eyes. Always surrounded with an air of caution no matter the circumstance. Thorak has a smile that rarely touches his eyes making many wonder what that smile really means.

Born: In Rabao to a traveling mechant named Balistar Keddal.

Military Experience: Thorak has no "real" military experience. He has been employed by almost all nations in Vana' diel from time to time as a mercenary. Fighting alongside the Dark Knights of bastok Thorak came to have an intimate knowledge of the sheer power fighting style they used.

Current Position: Mercenary titled Knight of the Iron Ram decorated with the Wings of Honor medal for service to the Sandorian Consulate.

Personal History: Thorak never knew his mother and his father never told him what happened to her. He watched his father Balistar be attacked and crippled by a Manticore on a fishing trip. Balistar then moved to Selbina to grow old on his own, leaving Thorak to fend for himself. Thorak came accross a group of Bastokian Dark Knights on a supply run in the East Altepa Desert and joined their ranks at the age of 16. Thorak took very quickly to the powerful way of combat practiced by the Dark Knights and soon found himself on a quest to master it. This quest led him away from his teachers down a dark path all his own. Again alone with no way to make money Thorak resorted to thievery and found that he was extremely proficient at it. Thorak ended up in Sandoria where he decided to make a "home" for himself, a new life. He joined the ranks of the Dragoons but was caught stealing dragon eggs and thrown into prison. Upon release he became a mercenary, going where ever the highest bidder sent him, the whole time honing his skills as a Thief.

Although he has led a life of solitude Thorak longs for the day when he can find a place to call home, and people to call family. He stays low-key and observes his counterparts weighing always whether to trust them. Precious few have ever truly gained his trust, but for those that have he will gladly lay down his life. For the past 5 years Thorak has tried to seperate the thoughts of the lonely path of destruction followed by a Dark Knight for the stealthy mentality of a theif, this to no avail. Holding onto his dark knight past has only made him more of a silent threat on the never ending battlefield.

Personality: Despite outward appearences Thorak has a truly kind heart. He takes delight in meeting new people no matter what thier background. He is extremely attentive in all things. Thorak has been very even-keel his entire life able to adapt and adjust to whatever circumstance life throws at him. He suffers also from frequent headaches that he started getting while learning the skills of the Dark knights.

Although being a mercenary Thorak is truly in the hunt for something bigger and better. He has a deep longing to become part of something made of more than just coin.

Rumors: It is rumored that Thorak snuck into the Monastiac Cavern and stole the Orcish Warlords Golf Orcmask while he was sleeping.


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