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So, what exactly HAS changed?

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So, what exactly HAS changed? Empty So, what exactly HAS changed?

Post by DiamondGFX on Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:21 pm

So at this point, I haven't been on since Wings of the Goddess was first released (so about 3 years have passed). I've experienced (and loved the hell out of) the Fields of Valor stuff, but what else is different? How are the various classes faring nowadays? And what's the current status of the linkshell storyline (it seems like a lot of the information in the RP forums is significantly out-of-date at this point)?

Unfortunately, I won't get to play as much as I ever used to, given everything I do nowadays, but I'm pretty excited to be back and see that some familiar faces are still around Smile


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So, what exactly HAS changed? Empty Re: So, what exactly HAS changed?

Post by Verence on Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:48 pm

Well... In terms of CPM storyline, a whole shitton has happened. We still RP, we just don't post it much on the forums. Pretty much the only active RPers anymore are me, Muir, Xene, Rakuyu, Sphinx, and DV. Verence, Xenedra, and Muirnin don't age anymore and are uh kind of telepathic. Long story, CoP missions stuff. We're working on Wings of the Goddess right now ICly, whose plot can be summed up thus:
Time-travelling orcs have kidnapped the future! Are you a bad enough adventurer to save it?
No, I'm not joking (much).

Most jobs have gotten adjustments in terms of new JAs, they're too numerous to list really. FFXIclopedia has the info if you're curious. WHM also has new spells and self-perpetuating JAs which are... a bit more complex than I want to explain here, ask me in-game and I can give you a full rundown. Also, 2h DDers kick ass now, SE adjusted the way STR and DEX are factored into two-handed weapons so they're much more effective on IT mobs. Dual wielders still kick ass on weak stuff, but 2h carries the day on bigger nasties now.

There is, of course, the level sync but I think you heard about that. They've also added a ridiculous amount of NMs, it's not uncommon to just stumble across one at random while wandering around now. Some are even worth killing! ... In short, lots of little stuff changed, I can't really sum it all up, welcome back. >.>

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