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Rules and Expectations Empty Rules and Expectations

Post by Xenedra on Mon May 12, 2008 5:09 pm

1) Botting/RMT

The use of ANY "bots" or gil buying/selling services is strictly prohibited in our Linkshell. This includes fishbots, vokebots, etc. If you are caught you will be issured a warning. If you are caught again, you will be banned and reported to the GMs.

2) Powergaming, Existing in a Game World, and RP Expectations

During your roleplaying, it is important that you realize you're roleplaying in a world where there are certain laws and rules which your character is governed by. Be careful about roleplaying things like assaults on other characters in crowded areas like towns. Consider your character's actions and the implications very carefully as if you were them. There ARE guards in each town and presumably many laws.

In addition to this, there are set storylines for the game. Always make sure to research the storyline behind complicated things you intend to RP as to not cause a contradition in CPM plotline. If you intend to RP an NPC, make sure you study them first. Just please be careful to stay within the bounds of the game's storyline for the most part.

If you DO question something a RPer is doing, do so in /tells first; try to figure it out before calling them on it. If you're curious about something but are unsure of whether or not it'll work, ask the linkshell. We're here to help you, not hinder your progress. Remember, good research and a sturdy plot make for very interesting characters.

Regarding the Auto-Translate function: Please, use it to learn the names of hard to spell areas/items, and do not use it during Roleplay. It really breaks up the flow of Roleplay to see the multicolored banners.

Proper spelling and grammar are not necessarily required, especially if your character does not speak properly, but shorthand seriously damages the enjoyment of an RP. Please try to be as clear as you possibly can with your descriptions of your character's speech.

3) Whisper of the Soul

In party chat you will sometimes see people say things enclosed in (). These comments are IC and have to do with a mechanism related to Chains of Promathia mission completion. We will not discuss the specifics here, as it entails spoilers. If you have any questions about this, contact a sackholder.

4) Requesting Aid

If you would like to request help with a specific mission, quest, event, or otherwise, please make a post about it on the forums. Repeated requests in the linkshell are not allowed. Continual harassing of Linkshell members in tells is not acceptable either.

If you wish to be assisted, give the event a legitimate framework of a roleplaying session; we are after all a roleplaying linkshell. While we are certainly glad to assist members in completing quests and missions, that is NOT the primary goal of this shell. Missions and quests certainly may fall within the bounds of roleplaying, but please apply reasonable scrutiny to wether the event is viable. Roleplay a little leading up to the event, establish a reason and a motive for it to occur. One cannot expect an experienced adventurer to perform favors without having a reason, after all.

5) Denotation

The majority of conversations in the linkshell are Out of Character (OOC). As such it's important that people denote when they make OOC comments.

Denotation merely means using some sort of scheme to indicate when you are making a comment out of character. Prefixing your messages with ooc: works, as does ending and beginning them with a certain special character. How you do this is up to you.

6) OOC Discussion

- OOC comments to a minimum during large RP events unless everyone's paused to discuss something
- Excessive cursing is not tolerated, nor is overly explicit discussion.
- Please keep religious and political discussion out of the shell
- Do not whine in the linkshellshell (excessive complaining).
- Repeatedly saying offensive things will get you kicked
- If you have any problems with the content of OOC chat, please contact a sackholder to discuss the matter

7) OOC Member Interaction

- You are expected to treat other members with respect, act decently, and use common sense
- Provoking other members is not acceptable.
- Any personal arguments are to be done in tells or party unless it involves the entire shell

Cool Roleplay Content

It's important that you moderate the content of your RPs and keep controversial language, topics, and situations private. If there's something that the community will find extremely offensive in your RPs, take it to party chat please. We don't want to give the wrong impression about our linkshell.

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