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Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to)

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Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to) Empty Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to)

Post by Xenedra on Fri Aug 01, 2008 4:03 pm

Getting the NQ bathing suit:

First off, you'll lots of people cheering or clapping for Mumor while the stage show goes on. You can do this if you like, but we've found it's not at all necessary. CORRECTION! Mumor's dance moves get charged by cheering for her, so if there is a large crowd cheering, you don't necessarily have to, but if there is not, you must cheer! As the show goes on you'll see Mumor do Ultimate Dancing Attacks. There are four different dances she uses, all with a different name and each name indicates a dance that you're supposed to perform at the time she calls it. The dances are as follows:

  • Shining Summer Samba = /dance1
  • Lovely Miracle Waltz = /dance2
  • Neo Crystal Jig = /dance3
  • Super Crusher Jig = /dance4

I'd really suggest making macros for each of these, it just makes things easier.

Basically, you wait for her to call a dance and then hit your macro in a reasonable amount of time afterward. You must have Ullegore targeted for it to work. If you do it correctly it will give you a message that says "Mumor and (your name)'s dances have synchronized!" or something similar to that. Once you do this successfully 15 times, you can talk to the moogle for your reward: one piece of the new bathing suit attire. You'll have to complete the process twice for both pieces. If you do any less than 15 the moogle with give you the new fireworks, 5 for each time you've successfully synch'd up a dance. I'd suggest getting at least 5 of these just to try out, they're REALLY pretty.

Once you have both pieces of the NQ suit you can use the teleporting moogles in Port Bastok (at the fountain), Southern San d'Oria (North of the Eastern tent in front of the AH), and Windurst Woods (Next to the gate to East Saruta) to getto the other nations. this will be important for...

Getting the HQ suit:

Each nation has a festival game and each game has a normal and a hard mode. You can only access hard mode by wearing both piece of the NQ suit. When you beat each of these on hard mode (you'll get a key item ballon as proof that you have) and speak to a moogle they'll give you your HQ bathing suit. You can find the game in Bastok in Port in front of the Conquest Troop's tents, Klaas (K-8 ). In San d'Oria it's at the Western tent in from of the AH in Southern San d'Oria, Estilliphire (H-9). In Windurst it's in front of the chocobo stables in Windurst Woods, Rokor-Makor (K-12). Each game you play, win or lose, will cost you 100 gil. I'll try and explain the games a little, but the NPCs also have an explanation if I'm unclear.

Bastok has a shooting game, you shoot goblins, cactaurs and mandragoras, but if a pixie shows up you have to select "Wait!" instead of "Shoot." Shooting a pixie gives you a game over. In hard mode you have to shoot 30 enemies to win.

San d'Oria has a "Spot the Difference" game. You basically just look at the scenes they present to you and find inconsistencies in the sets they show. You also have the option to "Wait," which actually means "Skip this scene." They give you a total of 6 scenes repeated over and over again, sometimes they have differences, sometimes they don't. I found it much easier to skip these scenes that were long or seemed to never have inconsistencies. When I did it, at least, the first scene with the two Elvaan females have, apparently, different walking speeds, turning speeds, or emotes, but i found it hard to get the timing right on them, so I always skipped them. the next scene with the four Elvaan males has an inconsistency in the swords the second pair of males /hurray with, but it's a little hard to see them and the scene is sort of long waiting for that, so I generally just skipped that one. Wiki says the first pair can have differences too, but i never saw it/ it was hard to see, so the "skip" stands. The third scene has three sets of Tarutaru that run by. I never saw a difference in the first set, but there were some in the hair of the second and third set. this scene also goes by quickly, so it's a good one to do, in my opinion. The fourth scene has two Hume males that they pan up from the feet. The boots, gloves or hats can have an inconsistency. For the most part it seemed to be the hats. This one is easy, I wouldn't skip it. The 5th scene has a mixture of the races, 5 sets, they each nod one after the other, the inconsistency being that one member of the 5 sets will shake their head instead of nodding. It's pretty easy to see, but the scene is sort of long. It's a toss up on whether you want to skip it or not. If you miss a head shake early on, the skip is helpful. The sixth scene is two sets of Tarutaru switch behind a set of pillars. When you see the same Tarutarus in the center of the pillars (aka the sets are opposite), that's the inconsistency. Pretty easy, pretty fast scene. At this point the scenes start over. Hitting "Now" when there's no difference will give you a game over You have to spot 9 differences to win.

Windurst has a Chocobo Chick Collecting game. It's a little bit like DDR in that the chicks walk down from the top of the screen and are "collected" when they cross a red line. Mandragora are also walking down from the top and collecting one of them will give you a game over. Three rows of chicks/mandies will be available to you, on the other side of the line you're represented by an adult chocobo. You move your chocobo back and forth across the rows collecting chicks and avoiding mandies. The only trouble I had with this game was that the direction selection reset every time, so if I was in a hurry I'd hit the button thinking it's give me the same direction I'd just used, but it'd been reset. Just make sure you're hitting the right direction and it's not too bad. You have to collect 35 chocobo chicks to win on hard mode.

After you've beaten all three, you can collect your HQ bathing suit from any of the Mumor Moogles.

Each game also gives out festival foods. The stats are as follows:
  • Melon Snowcone - HP+10% hHP+3 (5 minutes)
  • M&P Doner Kebab - HP+5% MP+5% hHP+2 hMP+2 (5 minutes)
  • Cotton Candy - MP+10% hMP+3 (5 minutes)

Enjoy everyone!

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Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to) Empty Re: Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to)

Post by Psylight on Sat Aug 02, 2008 12:05 am

Correction: The Bastok Shooting Gallery only requires 30 correct shots to win Hard Mode, not 35.

It's also good to note that you can only Teleport from the Moogles if you're wearing the NQ Swimsuit. The HQ swimsuit will NOT allow you to Tele.


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Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to) Empty Re: Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to)

Post by DarkValkyr on Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:02 am

People also say Cheering Mumor will reduce the interval between Dancing Forces, so it makes it go faster. Unsure, but maybe true.

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Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to) Empty Re: Summerfest! ...How the heck do you do this? (How to)

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