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Alt: An Open Letter

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Alt: An Open Letter Empty Alt: An Open Letter

Post by Sabriel on Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:11 pm

Citizens of Bastok,

I, Queen Sabbiel d’Oraguille implore you to examine the truth behind the accusations leveled upon myself by No’en Sha’Arhe in the Taru Taru Times, a man I once considered a friend, and mistakenly so.

President Sha’Arhe speaks of internment in the now destroyed Chateau d’Oraguille and a move to tarnish Lord Chamberlain Monveaux’s name, however these are deliberate distortions meant to demonize myself in your eyes and the eyes of the world.

No’en came to me more than a month ago, not to discuss policy, but to convince me to abandon my duties to my people in pursuit of a nonsensical dream he experienced wherein he was given the revelation that our current world is a false one, when pressed for evidence he was unable to produce any. He was convinced that he could leave this “false world” by visiting the Northlands. I was quite shocked at his sudden abandonment of his passions regarding the great nation of Bastok, but he only grew hostile and threatening when met with reason. The President, in a moment of crazed passion, went so far as to declare he did not care at all about Bastok.

All of you are aware of his sudden abandonment of his duties in the senate and his office, this dream chasing is the reason behind that abandonment.

Subsequently the officials in Bastok and I became greatly concerned regarding this recent madness. President Sha’Arhe returned after his venture into the Northlands, and my attendants tell me this may have been the reason behind the recent attack on the Chateau. Upon his return No’en suddenly became ill and he remained in my care until the day of the attack, after which I decided to send him away, as it was deemed no longer safe for him to remain in San d’Oria and he proved more than traveled down the road to recovery, at least physically.

I suspect that he feels he now needs the might of a nation to pursue his insane otherworldly dreams and I urge the people of Bastok not to indulge the whims of a dangerous madman who has threatened my own life and that of my son more than once this past month.

Additionally, Grand Chamberlain Lord Verence Monveaux has been late in his returning home from Windurst. Presently we are unaware if he remains away willingly or unwillingly. We here in San d’Oria fear for his safety, as he was recently sited in Windurst in company of No’en Sha’Arhe. His wife; the Lady Claidie d’Oraguille and I pray for his safe and swift return to our homeland.

You have my greatest thanks for your support in the war against the forces of darkness fostering in the North. Goddess be with us.

Royalais Sabbiel d’Oraguille.

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