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Post by Xenedra on Mon May 12, 2008 5:07 pm

What is Canta Per Me?

CantaPerMe is a Final Fantasy XI Role Playing Linkshell established on the Lakshmi Server. We are an average sized group, normally with about 5-12 people online when there are no events planned. We're most active in the evening, but you will find a handful of dedicated role players on in the mornings and afternoons as well.

We are a very intimate bunch, and fun-loving and silly at times. It does not take new members very long to adjust, and feel welcomed into our linkshell. The linkshell has been active for more than a year, and it will be around for a great while longer that only that.

Origins of the Linkshell

CantaPerMe was established in the Spring of 2004. There were three founders, Ayvaen, Kaahi, and Ninomori. It was simply a fun idea when the Linkshell was established, and had no real plans for such a successful future. In fact, the shell used, CantaPerMe, was just an old yellow Linkshell that one of the members bought a long time ago, and had never distributed. Thusly, Kaahi was the Shell Holder for the time. It all started in Selbina, where the three founders role played for the very first time.

In the Summer of 2004, the Linkshell was accidentally dropped by Kaahi. The three founders went to purchase another Linkshell after that, and it was made blue rather than yellow. Kaahi once again held the shell. Then, in the Summer of 2005, Kaahi was forced to quit the game, and so, another Linkshell was purchased, and Ayvaen became the new Shell Holder.

How do I join?

If you wish to join CantaPerMe, it is required that you read and understand the rules and regulations set forth by this Linkshell on December 2, 2007.

For those of you already on the Lakshmi server, you must contact a Sack Holder or the Shell Holder himself, expressing your interest in joining the Linkshell. You will then be put through a screening process. The process is to determine your commitment, and your maturity. Some questions may be added simply out of curiosity. We aren't trying to be elitists, we just want to weed out the people who are here to give us a hard time.

The main things we look at are:
- your typing skills
- your attitude
- your understanding of our rules
- your projected time commitment to
the shell

We may ask for your role playing history as well, simply to see if you already know what you're doing or not. You will not be turned away if you have little to no experience, but it's a plus to have some. It is not often that we turn applicants away.

If you are not on the Lakshmi server, or you have not begun playing Final Fantasy XI yet, you must find your own World Pass onto the Lakshmi server. Some places where you may obtain one are Allakhazam or the Killing Ifrit forums. Should you have any difficulty obtaining one, visit the CantaPerMe forums and let us know. Once you are on the server, you will follow the same procedure as described above.

Who are the Sackholders?

As of May 12th, 2008 the active Sackholders are:


Contact one of these players to inquire about a linkpearl.

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