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San d'Oria Alpha Timeline repost Empty San d'Oria Alpha Timeline repost

Post by Sabriel on Fri Jun 20, 2008 12:17 pm

Hopefully with Vere I can salvage the rest. I think there are a few pieces missing.

San d'Oria and Davoi are both decimated after the war. Orcish construction of Ghelsba is abandoned due to lack of resources and manpower.

San d'Oria grudgingly allows foreign trade and influence, beginning to drag themselves out of the hole they've gotten into. Favorable economic trade policies are adopted by Bastok and Jeuno as compensation for San d'Orian losses.

Excenmille, having gained notoriety for his leadership of the Young Gryphones, decides to continue the unit's existance after the war. The Gryphon unit is formed.

The more conservative elements of San d'Oria oppose foreign presence and investment. King Destin distances himself from the church to better his realm's economic situation.

The Meillune family, through careful investment and political play, flourishes under the new trade sanctions and becomes one of the most influential houses in San d'Oria.

Young Sabriel becomes something of a star during her youth. Unlike Narne, she takes well to the royal life and becomes quite popular in the public eye. Narne, craving adventure, joins the Royal Knights.

Claidie d'Oraguille marries Verence Monveaux, son of a war hero and promising servant of the crown.

Verence, having earned a place on the Chateau advisory board, champions Destin's foreign trade policies and works with Sabriel, at the time a representative of the Meillune family. They earn the support of merchants & traders and the ire of isolationists.

Davoi, cut off from the main Orcish nation and low on supplies and morale, begins raiding trade caravans in Jugner for resources.

Verence suggests trade and economic aid to Davoi on the condition that all raids cease. Trion thinks the idea foolish and makes an unsanctioned RK attack on Davoi to silence the raids.

Orcish outrage follows and hostilities erupt in Jugner as orcs seek to wholesale destroy trade caravans in protest. TKs are assigned as caravan escorts. Trion loses some of his support.

Open hostilities die down, but intermittent raids persist as trade picks up.

Pieuje rejects the crown's stance on religion and attempts a reconciliation. Destin is wary of the Church's still superiority-laden doctrines and talks falter.

Destin's health begins to fail due to a sickness caught while fighting in the North during the war. The Royaulais comes to rely more on his advisors.

Destin appoints The Gryphon unit his elite task force, independent of the Temple or Royal Knights.

Pieuje takes this opportunity to redouble his efforts at reinstating the union between crown and church, but is met with a marked lack of enthusiasm. Citing disgust with San d'Oria's abandonment of its heritage, Pieuje concedes his claim to the throne and joins the Church.

The Meillune family's continued prosperity culminates in an arranged marriage between Sabriel and Trion. The union is loveless, but produces a son; Tibault d'Oraguille.

King Destin's health forces him to resign. He has lost faith in Trion's abilities to pursue amicable foreign relations, but is unwilling to break the line of succession. Unable to choose a sole heir, he appoints Trion head of internal affairs and Royaulais, while Verence is appointed head of external as (Grand Chamberlain? Lord Regent?).

The Gryphon unit becomes defunct without Destin's leadership to direct it.

Lord Monveaux strikes an agreement with King Trion to allow limited sale of land to foreign companies on San d'Orian soil and foreign-owned business interests, prompting complaint from conservatives.

Reconstruction accelerates as prosperity climbs, voices of protest begin to moderate.

Lord Monveaux offers a formal apology to Davoi for the RK raid and proposes trading arrangements. The decision is met with widespread outrage, but it is upheld. Initial suggestions of economic aid are met with even fiercer opposition and never occur.

Davoi, mistrustful and fiercely territorial but languishing, agrees to limited trade and halts caravan raids, allowing only known and trusted traders to carry out business.

Rumors abound that Trion is having an illicit afair wtih RK Curilla. Though no proof is ever produced.

Trion is poisoned, the culprit is uknown. Rulership passes to Queen Sabriel d'Oraguille. Some suspect the Queen is responsbile, possibly due to rumors of Trion's relationship with Curilla, though none make accusations openly.

Queen Sabriel d'Oraguille, despite being not overly stricken by the loss of her husband, becomes the darling of the public. Her young son becomes a favorite of the people.

Long-lost valuables, relics, books, martial arts manuals, and religious writings begin to trickle in to San d'Oria from what was once La Vaule. Public unrest over the trade arrangement begins to grudgingly give way.

Among the religious texts recovered are the teachings of the Children of the Blessed Light, a long-silenced denomination of the Church. Finding their teachings much more agreeable to current affairs than the currently-reigning Order of Dawn teachings, Lord Monveaux suggests reform to the crown and to the church. The Papsque replies with staunch resistance; a long-term disagreement between Grand Chamberlain and Papsque begins.

Pieuje attempts to ally the TK to the Order of Dawn to increase Church influence, to everyone's surprise, the new Queen is not easily swayed and she denies them. TK denominational affiliation remains neutral.

The Papsque issues a proclamation reaffirming Order of Dawn teachings. The Cardinal of Tavnazia issues a counter-proclamation with a number of compelling arguments, espousing Tavnazian views. Religious debate within San d'Oria results, as some begin to look more favorably upon the newly-recovered Blessed Light doctrines.

Whispers surface regarding the poisoning of Trion. Some claim Lord Verence arranged it in a failed power-grab, others say Queen d'Oraguille did the deed herself. Tension between factions mounts. Queen d'Oraguille and Lord Monveaux both make public proclamations of co-operation, but the populace remains unconvinced.

Lord Monveaux, recognizing the dangers of the current political situation, aids Excenmille in reforming the Gryphon unit. Under Verence's command, the Gryphon unit becomes something like it was during Destin's time, a small elite unit independent of tumultuous RK or TK politics.

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