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Post by Ayvaen on Sat May 10, 2008 12:12 pm

Resolution of the Crystal War

- A series of massive battles occurs throughout the southern regions between Bastok and the Quadav. Bastok employs ingenious battle tactics to win decisive victories against the Quadav. Control of Gustaburg, Grauberg, Konschtat and Valkurm is won.
- Klara dies from wounds inflicted in one of the final battles, Zeid named Captain of the Mythril Musketeers.
- Bastok begins construction on massive defensive emplacements on the front lines and focuses on a defensive strategy of holding grounds until the cannonry are completed.
After desperate fighting for a few months, the cannonry are optional and give Bastok an enormous advantage against the Quadav.
- A series of desperate losses against the new Bastokan revamped defenses destroys Quadav morale.
- The Quadav focus on rebuilding their damaged infrastructure and outfitting new legions with stronger armor to combat the new heavy artillery emplacements.
The Quadav run low on natural resources, namely metals, and are unable to create sufficient armor for storming the new emplacements.
- Attempts to adapt Orcish siege weapons for use against Bastok fails, as the swampy environment makes it impossible to transport such weapons in a timely and effective fashion.
- The Quadav continue to attempt attacks on Bastok often enough to necessitate continual vigilance on the front lines, but fail to break the stalemate.

Postwar to Prien's Death

- Many officers from the war are honored with positions in the Senate and in the peacetime Navy.
- With strong support from many junior Senators, Bastok focuses on technological progress as a way to defend and better the nation.
- Reinbach's father, a decorated Naval commander, is assigned the task of observing the Near East.
- President Prien contracts a strange disease, doctors and mages are called in from all corners of Vana'diel, but nothing can be done to halt the illness.
- Reinbach's father returns from his Near Eastern voyage with a wealth of information. He turns over shipwreck parts containing hydrogauge technology among other things to the Metalworks, and advises the ailing president to try and open diplomatic relations with the Near East for a sharing of technologies.
- Attempts at general trade ultimately fail between the two nations due to President Prien's ailing state, but the initial exchange of technologies benefits both nations.
- President Prien dies of his illness. (870 CE)

Election Year

- An emergency election is called and contenders for the Presidency begin a frenzied campaign.
- One contender is a young Bastokan commander from the Crystal War turned Junior Senator by the name of Noen. His platform is mostly based around the leadership he exhibited during the end of the war and his capacity for creative thinking.
- The other contender is Reinbach's father, a respected Naval Officer responsible for the recent spike in technology. He has a distinct advantage in both age and name recognition. Many consider him to be the only serious candidate, and it appears he's going to be the next President. Needs confirmation from Bach.
- Rumors surface about the decorated Naval Officer's lover being an ex-Corsair. The overwhelming sentiment of negativity against piracy turns on him. Needs confirmation from Bach.
- The race is incredibly close despite the rumors, counting and recounting the votes drags on for days, until finally a clear victor is established.
One of the youngest Presidents in Bastokan history is elected. Noen Sha'Arhe is inaugurated into office at the age of 25. (871 CE)

Selbina Reclaimation to Present

- Noen outlines the policies he intends to employ in his inaugural speech. His ideas worry many of Bastok's neighbors, primarily Selbina.
- Bastok circles the small port town of Selbina with its Fourth Division and President Noen proclaims his intent to “take back what belongs to us.” (873 CE)
- Selbina is officially annexed by Bastok. Instead of using the city's port, it's immediately closed to all non-Bastokan ships in an effort to indirectly increase traffic to the Capital from Mindartia. Mhaura eventually complies, changing the ferry route so that it travels directly to Port Bastok. (874 CE)
- Konschtat Windmills are refitted with the latest technology to increase productivity.
- Jeuno and Bastok argue over tariffs and debt owed by Jeuno to Bastok in the form of Heaven's Bridge. Jeuno refuses to give Bastok any sort of economic recompense, in return Bastok heavily taxes any goods imported from Jeuno.
The latest Bastokan ship technology reduces the advantage airships have over sea travel. President Noen has the Airship Travel Agency closed in Port Bastok and offers affordable shipping to all businesses worldwide with the use of these advanced ships.
- Bastok's economy booms from the increase in trade, but other nations are weary of its aggressive political maneuvering.
- An airship development program is commissioned and given top priority and funding. Jeunoan tension continues to mount. (877 CE)
- Throughout the following years, critics of the Airship development program continue to argue that its a waste of tax income, progress is extremely slow. Noen's President becomes increasingly unpopular.
- During the maiden flight of Bastok's Airship prototype, the "C.I.D.", the Crystal propulsion engine suffers a catastrophic failure, and the ship crashes in the mountains north of Bastok. 3 are killed and President Noen is in critical condition. (879 CE)
- Fingers are pointed at Jeuno, rumors of sabotage circulate, but no official statements is ever issued on Jeuno's involvement in the crisis..
- Urging the country to keep its resolve, President Noen makes a speech in Bastok Mines announcing he does not intend to cut support for the Airship program shortly after being released from medical care.
- The Airship program struggles to redesign their blueprints and create a safer design. President Noen spends a large amount of time working directly with the Engineers himself, contributing ideas and criticism frequently. Critics attack Noen for being “too involved with the success of his policies.”
- Bastok's first successful airship test flight occurs. With President Noen on board, the "C.I.D. 2" takes off from Port Bastok and flies to the edge of Mindartia and back. (882 CE)
- Mass production of Bastokan Airships begins. (885 CE)
- Bastok begins to compete with Jeuno's own passenger and cargo airship program.
- Rumors of stirrings in the North results in Bastokan aerial bombardment of Beadeaux, Pashhow burns for days. Beadeaux above-ground fortifications are obliterated. Environmentalist organizations are horrified at Bastok's blatant disregard for the swamp's ecosystem. (886 CE)
- Bastok begins to sell Airships in large quantities to a select few. (887 CE)
- Bastok attempts to host a "World's Fair." Generally considered to be a failure as most nations refused to participate in any official capacity, however it was still a source of pride for Bastokers. (888 CE)
- Next large scale Bastokan project is announced. Surprisingly it does not involve the Metalworks and instead is centered around the Alchemy Guild. In President Noen's own words, the purpose is to "unravel the mysteries of the substance known as the Philosopher's Stone to eliminate our Nation's need to mine." (889 CE)

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