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Alt: Bastokan Tribune - May 9th

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Alt:  Bastokan Tribune - May 9th Empty Alt: Bastokan Tribune - May 9th

Post by Ayvaen on Fri May 09, 2008 11:57 pm

Note: Going to be trying something different here, instead of giving each news story, I wanted to paint a picture of the overall paper without going into unimportant details and exposition. This'll allow me to send out an idea of what's going on in Bastok as a whole without spending a vast amount of time writing an article on each issue. Therefore, I'm going to give a description of the stories which is very short without actually writing them. This is going to be a full paper not just an article essentially.

Front Page: Selbina situation resolved!
Describes the joint efforts of the San d'Orian and Bastokan military to resolve the situation without any civilian casualties. Positive-tone, praising the military, San d'Oria, and the President for handling the situation effectively.

Page 2: Assassinations
Article discussing the attempt on the President's life and the assassination of the Bastokan Ambassador to Norg.

Page 3: Economic News
Discusses the impact of Mhauran independence, the Selbina situation, and miner's tension on the Bastokan economy. Fairly optimistic that economic growth will continue, and speculative about the Senate and the President's decisions to open or close trade with Mhauran. Couple of quotes from the President on the Selbina matter vowing to end illegal trade with Mhaura and permanantly close the flow of goods to the Mhauran Port by offering Airship-shipping tax breaks to Windurst for exporting businesses.

Page 4: Status of the Mythril Musketeers
Rumors about Zeid being relieved of his position, having disappeared from Bastok, and possible successors to Zeid's position. No official information.

Page 5: Northlands Stirrings
Discussion on evidence that tends to indicate that something is going on in the Northlands. Very speculative, nothing concrete.

Page 6: Editorials
Contains a variety of writings both supporting and condeming actions of the President, the Senate, and the military. Highly divided and even-handed, the criticism and praise is balanced for all parties.

Page 7: Help Wanted
A section dedicated to advertisements looking for mostly skilled laborers to work in the Guilds around Bastok, the Metalworks, and several apprenticeships.

Page 8-10: Cultural News
Discusses fashion trends which're leaning towards a more liberal dress style and possible effects on the nation, several popular novels, and youth trends.

Page 11: Political Cartoons
Basically like the editorials page, but visual.

Page 12: Windurstian Relations
Reporting of recent foreign-policy decisions made in relation to Windurst, including the cancelling of an important contract with the Rhinostery. Idle speculation on the reason for the sudden bad faith.

Page 13-15: Popular News
Information about the personal lives of important Bastokan Officials and their family. A good portion is about the wounding and recovery of Ritchard Fordham.

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