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Alt: Windurst Post-Gazette - Terror Alert Level Orange Empty Alt: Windurst Post-Gazette - Terror Alert Level Orange

Post by Shirotaru on Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:39 am

Last Firesday, it has come to the attention of the Windurstian Office of Secret Intelligence that Shirorofulu Mirofunimuni IX, previous assistant minister of the Grand Windurst Orastery has been spotted alone at approximately 02:15 in Port Windurst. Shiromiro, as he is more commonly know, has several years ago been established as a "Class V Natural Disaster", and has only been recently turned down by the Star Sybil for the title of "Act of Promathia."

Though an unreleased date, public knowledge shows that some odd years ago, the banished professor preformed an experiment in the Meriphatuad Mountain Range using stolen Huge Crystals in what continues to be a debate today; to be the only being in the history of Vana'diel to cast what is colloquially known as the ancient spell: "Ultima."

The resulting explosion claimed an undisclosed amount of lives from various settlers on the mountain range, and in recent evaluation, may have affected magical nexus created by Dragagora's Spine. The rogue professor was assumed killed in the blast, until the elite Ninja of the OSI made the claim above. An anonymous OSI agent has this to say:

"While we cannot, at this time, confirm if this is or is not the person or persons in question, please be on alert for suspicious persons of the Tarutaru persuasion. Especially one who appears to be a deranged blond male of advanced age. And please... just don't poke, prod or otherwise jab at said individual..."


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