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Alt: Windurstian Post: May, Week 3 edition: Murders in Windurst?

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Alt: Windurstian Post: May, Week 3 edition: Murders in Windurst? Empty Alt: Windurstian Post: May, Week 3 edition: Murders in Windurst?

Post by DarkValkyr on Tue May 20, 2008 8:28 pm

Front Page
Several bizarre murder cases have occurred in Windurst for the entire week. The targets were mainly members from the Ministries, such as Koppa-Joppa of the Manustery, an expert at arts and crafts, and one of the heads at manufacturing the Cardians, and Balore-Harobore, a trainer in the Orastery. The article details the odd results of the investigation, such as having no evidence at all the scenes, except for one black feather that sends suspicion to Yagudo.

Page 2: Security at stake?
Interviews with several ministers such as Ajido-Marujido and Valkyr-Renhara concerning how the assassination attempts could have happened. "We are dealing with a professional, no doubt. Although it is unheard of a Yagudo attempting assassination, we must take note it is possible." Valkyr-Renhara says. "Our main aim here is not to point our fingers at the Yagudo. Windurst will play the defensive, and tighten our security instead."

Page 3: Plans for defense
The article notes Valkyr-Renhara's announcement of his new line of Cardians to be released within the next few weeks, with greater intelligence and superior personalities, which are known as the Chess Cards: Bishop, Knight, Rook, and Wizard. He also announces his plan to improve all the previous models of Cardians as well. The new line will be split into two groups; the Knights and the Wizards will remain in Windurst to protect it, and the Bishop and the Rooks will be sent into the frontlines immediately 'should war break out'. In the meantime, they will receive training in patrolling and fighting. Valkyr-Renhara announces he is 'confident that they will learn quickly.'

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