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Alt: Special Edition: Attempt on President No'en's life!

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Alt:  Special Edition:  Attempt on President No'en's life! Empty Alt: Special Edition: Attempt on President No'en's life!

Post by Ayvaen on Thu May 08, 2008 6:24 am

Bastokan Tribune Special Edition
Watersday May 7th

Early Watersday reports began to filter in from throughout the Quon that the situation in Selbina was finally resolved. Bastok found itself able to relax for the first time in weeks with the revolution put to rest. Unfortunately late Watersday that calm was shattered by a single shot from a sniper's bow.

President No'en was in Selbina attending the ceremony recognizing the valiant efforts of the elite San d'Orian Gryphon unit and Bastok's Sniper Cohors of the Fourth Republican Division when the attack occured. Witnesses claim that the unknown assailant took his shot from atop the Jeunoan Consulate at the end of the President's address. Although there is some confusion among the reports, the majority of onlookers claim that the bolt landed squarely in the President's lower abdomen.

Bastokan medical experts have yet to treat the President and his condition is currently estimated as "critical but stable" by San d'Orian medical personal. Josef Denon, a prominent Bastokan physician, had this to say about the President's supposed injuries, "An arrow shot from a bow at that elevation has an incredible amount of force behind it. Considering the President wasn't wearing protective armor by all accounts, we can expect him to be wounded quite badly from the attack. Aside from the obvious penetration of the arrow into his intestines, it's likely that the distribution of force to his chest cavity broke several bones. If treated properly and promptly there is a good chance he will fully recover." When asked about the relative severity of the President's wounds he commented, "If I was his family I'd be concerned, but not distraught. Our Commander in Chief has survived other attacks on his person and even an airship crash, he'll probably be okay as long as he receives top of the line medical care."

Rumors has it that the President's aides, the Mythril Musketeers, and several Senators pressed San d'Oria to release the President to Bastokan care after the stabilization of his condition. While the reason for the insistence is not clear, it seems that they intend he brought home for advanced medical care not offered by San d'Oria; an insult to San d'Oria's skilled professionals that is not likely to be forgotten anytime soon. Several Airship docks have been sealed off from the public and fortified, suggesting that they're awaiting the arrival of an important guest, most likely The Invincible, President No'en's flagship.

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