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Alt: Special Edition: President No'en's Selbina Response

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Alt:  Special Edition:  President No'en's Selbina Response Empty Alt: Special Edition: President No'en's Selbina Response

Post by Ayvaen on Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:50 pm

Bastokan Tribune Special Edition
Lightningsday April 23rd

Late Lightningsday President No'en had this to say to the Bastokan Tribune on the matter of Selbina:

The claims made by Selbina of alleged abuse by the Republic are nonsense. Selbina has enjoyed tax-exempt status for Bastok's free use of their ports. And why should we not use their ports free? We built the entire town. The rest of the insinuations are not even worth going into, anyone with a child's knowledge of history knows that Selbina's initial declaration of independence is no different than this one; illegal.

At this time we're still gathering information about the event before we decide what course of action we will take. If you, or anyone you know, was present at the initial invasion and can give us any first-hand accounts of what transpired please file a report with the Musketeers immediately.

The President had no comment as to the identity of the mercenaries involved in the attack.

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