ALT: Special Edition: Mhauran Community Leader declares Independence

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ALT:  Special Edition:  Mhauran Community Leader declares Independence Empty ALT: Special Edition: Mhauran Community Leader declares Independence

Post by Ayvaen on Mon May 12, 2008 5:28 am

Bastokan Tribune
Lightningsday May 11

In a surprising move last lightningsday, Mhauran community leader Njarra Tiahlee made a speech to the citizens of the small port town lambasting Windurst for its indifference and greed while pretending to support Mhauran Independence. The empassioned leader called for Mhaura to, "only deal with (Windurst) on terrrms Mhaura can benefit from" and declared that, "If (Windurst) want to push Mhaura independent we'll do so on our terms - and th' only parrrlaying we'll have will be with partners who prove to us their worth as partners."

The speech seemed to be in part a response to the statement put out by Parliment several days passed claiming to have ushered a deal between prominent community leaders and WIndurst on Mhauran Independence. The central theme of her speech was in stark contrast to the Windurstian statement's, "But frrrom today on, we will not suffer their neglect or their hypocricy any longer! From today on, Mhaura stands a nation on it's own feet, frrree from their empty promises!" Her words throw into question the official claims offered by the Windursitan Government in their official statement, as she is widely considered to be the most powerful force in Mhaura.

When asked for comment on the matter, President Sha'Arhe commented, "This has been in the works for about a month, and we're glad to see Mhaura made a decision for itself on the matter. Bastok has promised an open trade agreement with Mhaura should they persue independence from Windurst on the condition that they clean up the crime and indecency present on their streets. We patiently await the formulation of their government so we can see what kind of nation they're shaping up to be."

While it's currently illegal to trade with Mhaura, the President's comments given hope that soon this won't be the case and new markets will be open up to legitamate Bastokan Merchants. Many Free Trade enthuists eagerly await this step in the right direction, and away from the Bastokan Protectionism of recent years.

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