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Bastokan Senatorial Debate/Voting Empty Bastokan Senatorial Debate/Voting

Post by Ayvaen on Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:47 pm

This event is open to anyone, however you will have to follow certain guidelines.

Guidelines: While the only people who will be directly involved with their main characters are me (No'en) and Reinbach (Eli Fordham), anyone can create a senate character. All that I ask is you write out a tiny little bio on the character and post it somewhere on the forums, including some information about their political slant (progressive vs. traditionalist is the current struggle in Bastokan society) and that your character be Galkan or Hume. The character can easily be level 1.

Where: The meeting will take place somewhere in Bastok, still deciding on the specifics.

When: This coming Monday, 7 pm EDT. It will last exactly 2 hours starting exactly at the time we set. If you show up late, it will be as if your character showed up late.

What: Characters will debate foreign policy and a couple other important Bastokan issues. Voting will occur after each debate by use of the /nominate system. When the 2 hour limit is reached, we'll be stopping whatever we're doing then. Future sessions will likely occur. Trying to emulate actual senate discussion as much as possible, so there will be a main speaker (Eli Fordham most likely) who passes the ability to talk along as people indicate their desire to.

More information as to what topics will be discussed may be released before the event. Try to keep up to date on the News Articles if you plan on attending!

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Bastokan Senatorial Debate/Voting Empty Re: Bastokan Senatorial Debate/Voting

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